Growth of a person as associated with physical attraction Essay

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Growth of a person as associated with physical attraction

Maggie first meets the grown Philip in the Red Deeps and continues to meet him there. Both characters, we later learn, strongly identify each other with the spot. How does the Red Deeps serve as an emblem of Maggie’s sexual maturity and the couple’s physical attraction? George Eliot’s Mill on the Floss written is a tragedy written in English and was published by Blackwood and Sons in 1860. A Victorian tragedy novel, George Eliot provided a story of love, family and self renewal.

Maggie as the main character like almost every character in novels and stories undergo changes which would lead her to either success or her destruction. Her evolution marked maturity in her thus it shows a much deeper aspect of the story. Using the past tense when telling the story, the story was set in 1829 to 1839 in St. Ogg’s, t in the Tullivers, particulary Maggie Tulliver is the protagonist. Now caught in a dilemma, Maggie has to choose whether she will pursue what she likes, the inner desire of passion and her moral responsibility thinking of her family’s welfare.

Maggie Tulliver has not been given enough attention by her mother and it was her father who mostly thought of her welfare but she was closer to her brother named Tom and all he say is the one thing that matters to her. Despite of the idea that this siblings were different in some terms especially when it comes to studying wherein the younger one, Maggie was more studious, it did not prevent them to be very affectionate with each other. Tom was sent in higher education despite of his lack of interest with studying and at the same time, Maggie was also sent to school.

When she visited her brother, she met Phillip who was the son of her father’s mortal enemy. The two became friends despite of their father’s quarrel. On one of her trips in the forest, she met Philip again thus the two shared ideas and intelligent conversation which she like the most. As soon as the two continue to meet in the forest, they also develop physical attraction with one another. As soon as Tom found out about this, he immediately asked his sister to stay away from him being the son of their father’s mortal enemy. In the end of the story, we must understand that Maggie and Phillip did not end up together.

Instead, they somehow parted ways or perhaps, the young lady did not pursue what attraction she had felt for him. Despite of this, we also cannot deny the fact that Phillip was a part of her life and probably contributed some good things on her and somehow lead her into maturity. The Physical attraction they felt towards one another could have been a result of their growing friendship. The learning they both shared to one another added in the attraction but Tom’s disapproval of the couple’s relationship make it even complicated.

As daughter and son of two men considered each one as life time enemy, it is kind of hard to have acceptance in their relationship. To stop the relationship, Tom told his sister to leave him alone thus no communication between the young couple existed. After long years of being away with each other, the two met again but this time, both were mature enough and probably separated ways formally. The question regarding the protagonist’s sexual maturity in association with the Red Deep is clearly visible and evident I the novel.

Might we insist that her first two relationships, may it be formal or not was made in the River thus this single evidence would rather speak of her whole being and what Red deeps’ connection with her. At first, her relationship Phillip which simply started with intelligent conversations which she liked the most and his appreciation of her made her realize of her simple capabilities and importance thus the more they talked with each other, the more they realize that the attraction keeps on getting stronger thus we might point out that what they shared helped her to become a better person or perhaps help her grow up into maturity.

The second one is with Stephen who drove a little bit farther when they were in the boat and asked the young lady to elope with him which at that point was not a good thing. Being in a Victorian era means conservatism but this one has nothing to do with her sexual maturity rather this incident shows that Stephen’s proposal to her even added in her growth thus decision making has been a habit for her.

Despite of her attraction to this wealthy and polished man, she was torn between whether she will continue or not. The sexual maturity of the protagonist primarily associated with the Red Deeps was more on the realization that like the river, Maggie was slowly drifting away from what she thinks was ideal thus we must understand that her changes was mostly depended to the people she interacted with. Works Cited Eliot, George. Mill on the Floss. 1860. Blackwood and Sons

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