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Greek Culture Essay

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Greek Culture

The Greek culture is one of the richest ancient cultures in the world. There are many aspects of this culture that has made it remain unique for centuries. The Greek culture has been evolving over the years and we can easily link this ancient culture with the modern day life. This will be the center of our discussion below where we’ll also look at ways in which one can understand the Greece culture better (Christiane. 2001). What makes Greek Culture Interesting? One thing that distinguished that Greece culture is the diversity.

While many cultures of the time had only one ethnic group, the Greek culture had a number of cultures within one culture making it unique. The major characteristics of this culture were wines, food, religion, music and language. Greece culture was known to value traditions and customs very deeply. Every person in Greece was expected to follow these traditions to the letter. Religion was also crucial in the Greek culture with the largest population being made up of Christians while the rest were Muslims.

The Greek culture was also famous for its architecture. The Greek people had unique designs of building various structures like temples and churches. The famous pyramids of Egypt have their origin in Greece. The Greek people are known of being proud of their culture as they view it as one that represents their nationality (Carol. 2008). Connections between the Greek Culture and Today One of the major connections that is seen between this ancient culture and the modern society is the celebration of religious festivals.

This culture which is very common in today’s society began in the Greek culture and is still being practiced to date. The arts of the ancient Greece have survived the test of times and it is still used in modern day society as decorations (Christiane. 2001). The art of the Greek culture is commonly available in form of sculptures in today’s society. Yet another aspect that has been borrowed by the modern culture from the Greek culture is the building aspect.

Almost all churches, mosques and temples in the modern day society have borrowed the designs from ancient Greek culture. The theatres and cinemas that are common in today’s society also originated from the ancient Greece. Perhaps due the fact that this culture is popular and famous throughout the world, it has evolved and is lowly finding its way in almost every culture of the world. This culture is greatly values as it is seen as link between the ancient society and today’s society (Carol. 2008).

How to Understand the Greek Culture Better In order to understand the Greek culture better it one needs to read widely regarding this particular culture. Unlike other ancient cultures, the Greek culture has many sources from which one can learn and understand this ancient culture better. It is important to have background of this culture as it was one of the richest ancient cultures, and one which has survived the test of times as there are many aspects of this culture that have been borrowed by the modern culture.

In order to enhance the Greek culture in the modern society even further it is important to embrace diversity just as it was in the Greek culture. There was harmony in this culture and people from many diversities lived together happily. References Carol. D. et al. (2008). The cultures within ancient Greek culture: contact, conflict, collaboration. New York: Cambridge University Press. Christiane. S. (2001). Reading’ Greek culture: texts and images, rituals and myths, New York: University of Virginia: Clarendon Press.

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