What is gravity?
Gravity is a type of force.

Gravity depends on what two factors?
Gravity depends on mass and distance.

What is the moon’s gravity compared to the Earth’s?
The moon’s gravity is less than the Earth’s gravity. About 1/6 as strong.

How does the Sun’s gravity compare to the Earth’s gravity?
The Sun’s gravity is stronger than the Earth’s gravity. About 28 times stronger.

Why is the Earth’s gravity stronger than the moon’s gravity?
The Earth has more mass than the moon.

What would happen to the Earth if its orbit moved farther away from the Sun?
The Sun’s gravitational pull on the earth would decrease.

What theory did Einstein introduce to challenge Newton’s ideas?
Einstein proposed the theory of relativity.

According to Einstein, what does gravity do?
According to Einstein, gravity bends space and time.

What effect does the moon’s gravity have on the Earth?
The moon’s gravity causes the tides on the Earth.

Which has a stronger gravitational pull, an object with more mass or less mass?
An object with greater mass has a stronger gravitational pull.