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Gravity Essay Examples

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Application of Projectile Motion

A projectile is an object upon which the only force acting is gravity. Many projectiles not only undergo a vertical motion, but also undergo a horizontal motion. That is, as they move upward or downward they are also moving horizontally. There are the two components of the projectile’s motion – horizontal and vertical motion. And…

Measuring The Acceleration Due to Gravity in The Lab

Method The distance between the ceiling and the floor (h) was measured. A rubber was then dropped from the ceiling and the time taken for it to hit the ground was recorded. Results Attempt Time Taken (sec) 1 0.47 2 0.45 3 0.71 4 0.55 5 0.5 6 0.71 7 0.4 8 0.46 9 0.58…

To Determine the Acceleration of Gravity in a Free Fall Experiment

METHOD * The experiment is carried out using the apparatus, as set up above. * The switch is used to open and close one circuit at a time. * The distance for the ball to fall is measured between the ball and the trapdoor with a ruler; a set square is used to see where…



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An Investigation of factors affecting

Introduction When a paper spinner is dropped, it spins. The direction, clockwise or anticlockwise, depends on which way the wings are folded. It happens because the air lifts the spinner, as air resistance opposes its movement. It’s done the same way on an aeroplane. The plane moves on the runway and speeds up so much…

Determination of the acceleration due to gravity

In this experiment we will determine the acceleration of gravity g by measuring the time of fight for balls dropped from a known height. I also verify that the acceleration due to gravity does not depend on the mass of the ball. The falling body in this experiment will be a metal ball, which falls…

Find out what happens

To find out what happens to the distance travelled by two standard tubes of different circumferences down a wooden ramp propped up by books, when I alter the height of the ramp and make the release height higher, and also whether the circumference of the tube affects the distance travelled. Background Information – As the…

The aim of this investigation

I will use the following length surface areas (7cm,6cm,5cm,4cm and 3cm) PREDICTION: I predict that as the surface area of a falling object decreases, the object will fall faster. This is because as the wingspan gets smaller there will be less air resistance pushing up on the object so it will fall faster. Gravity pulls…

Using a Pendulum to Find Gravity

Aim: To find the gravity by finding the period of the oscillations of a pendulum and plotting a graph. Hypothesis and Prediction: – the gravity from the graph is going to equal the gravity from the formula. Variables: The independent variable is the length of the string The Dependent variable is the period of one…

Forces of Gravity

Throughout the course of the following investigation, I will be exploring a variety of methods to discover how a changed variable affects the speed in which a controlled type of paper (printer paper), formed into a model helicopter will descend from a specified height. Variables There is an abundance of variables in which I can…

The diameter of an impact crater

For example if I unreliably choose to use a constant height of 30cm without any preliminary work, a problem may arise during the experiment where there isn’t a major difference between the different recordings for the varying masses, which wouldn’t produce results as intended. The independent variable, mass, also needs to be covered in my…

The speed of a trolley which goes down it

Does the height of a ramp affect the speed of the trolley which is traveling down it? Variables: Here is a list of things what will be changed and the things that will be kept the same in my experiment: The height of the ramp- I will change the height of the ramp by adding…

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