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Graphic communication, Essay

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Graphic communication,

In this task I will be identifying the many reasons to why people choose to communicate, and explain how communication may affect relationships within a work setting. Communication is the key to learning as it involves so many different aspects, for example communication is not just verbal it has a lot to do with things like body language, facial expressions and posture. People communicate for many different reasons and ever situation is different in every way.

•Expressing needs- this is the main reason to why people communicate generally. This applies to people that are both common and uncommon with each other. This does not always involve talking this can be hand gestures, eye contact and body language.

•To share ideas, information and to reassure- this is also main aspects to why people communicate. Individuals old and young want to portray their views and reassure people around them about certain situations.

•To express feelings- this is another reason to why individuals communicate, if they don’t want to keep their feelings to themselves they have to communicate in some way to others. For example babies cry when they want something as this is their way of communicating their feelings. •To build relationships, socialize and to share experiences- these are reasons to why people communicate as it builds a social life for them, it brings more people around them meaning friends and family, which will mean that they have people who they can relate to and go through all different life experiences with.

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When working with children within a childcare setting, effective communication is key. When dealing with children you are not only dealing with the children who you need to communicate and build a relationship with but the parents and staff.

For an individual in a childcare setting it is very important for them to have good relationships with a range of people; meaning, parents, staff, and the children. Communication and relationships come into play with each other very well, this is due to the better relationship you have with another individual the communication is likely to be more effective.

Relationships and communication are influenced by certain things for example; the body language, facial expression and the way the other individual listens and talks to you. Building good relationships within the workplace will mean that communicating with everyone will be effective as there will be no problems. It will benefit things that occur in every setting, like sharing and gaining relevant information, supporting the children’s play and learning also working effectively as a team.

Effective communication is a major skill that everyone working in a childcare setting must develop as this is the most practical/effective way to meet the needs of the children, parents, families and other members of staff on a daily basis. Communication is key in the daily events of every individual’s life, no matter how it is done either verbal or non verbal.

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