Grammatical Person and Middle-aged Person Essay

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Grammatical Person and Middle-aged Person

Jerome and his friends, Harris and George, are not boatmen so incessantly suffer the mistakes and bad luck that amateurs might justly expect. Jerome becomes infuriated when his two friends avoid sharing duties on the boat, but keenly admits, “It always does seem to me that I am doing more work than I should do.”

The writer and George are very cheerful persons. They went to village inn to pass time happily and to enjoy themselves. They were quite intelligent. They knew how to befool other. They went on listening to the stories of five persons. They listen to these stories just for pleasure. They were quite amusing. They asked a middle-aged person how he had caught the fish and he began telling conceitedly how he had caught it. As George in “Three Men in a Boat” discovered in the public library, that he suffered from every known state other than housemaid’s knee. The character of Harris in the story is quiet funny and appealing. All three are different and yet quite similar in their behavior.

They tried to amaze the strangers with their false stories. An old man with a pipe in his mouth was the first person whom the writer and George met in the inn. His look was very funny. He talked about the fish in a very inspiring manner. He did not vacillate to tell lies. He did not care for his age. The local carrier tried to make himself an exact person by telling the correct weight of the fish. The other three characters told lies with great confidence. Therefore, we find one thing ordinary in all the characters, i.e. they are ideal liars. They live in the world of their own imagination. Every one of them wants to become famous by telling false stories of his achievements.

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