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Graham Greene Essay Examples

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“The Destructors” by Graham Greene

Graham Greene the author of “The Destructors” and Richard Connell the author of “The Most Dangerous Game” both used a similar mood in their stories. Connell placed his story on an island in the Caribbean that was dark and scary, it had a reputation of death and separation. Greene placed his characters in a post…

‘Conflict is more often driven by self-interest than genuine sense of right and wrong.’ The Quiet American

‘Conflict is more often driven by self-interest than genuine sense of right and wrong.’ “Show me a man who has no interest in his own good, and I’ll show you a man who is not in touch with his own humanity.” R. Alan Woods. Conflict can be driven by any emotion whether it be greed,…

Brighton Rock – Sympathy

“Greene does not encourage us to find much sympathy for any of the character” At the beginning of the novel, from the reader’s perspective Spicer gives the impression of being a young boy, in particular with his refusal to eat after they have murdered Hale. “I’ll be sick…if I eat” The Boy then responds with…



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“The Destructors” written by Graham Greene

Graham Greene’s “The Destructors” is a short story that takes place in London nine years after the conclusion of World War II. Post-war conflict had struck after that (“the last bomb of the first blitz”) and because of this, situations such as the destruction of Old Misery’s house occurred. The story uniquely conveys the boys’…

“The Root Of All Evil” By Graham Greene

The story “The Root of All Evil” by Graham Greene is an excellent moral story about the sins that can arise when people try too hard to keep secrets. Lies, scandals, and murders are all created by secretive behavior, leading one to believe that secrets are the root of all evil. The trouble in this…

The Quiet American

In The Quiet American, the character of Fowler is, at first, presented as a selfish and uncaring man. However, this is not how he is perceived at the end of the story. Initially, the reader is shown that Fowler’s ego prevents him from thinking of anyone other than himself. Fowler is no hero and spends…

Morality in Graham Greene’s “I Spy”

As World War I raged about Europe, Great Britain took every measure available to ensure the war didn’t spread into their own backyard. Their army was doing fine fighting elsewhere in France and Germany, but as William I proved in 1066, when you invade England, it’s not the English that win. Britons lived in constant…

“The Quiet American”, by Graham Greene

Throughout the novel “The Quiet American”, authored by Graham Greene, a conflict of identity is seen to occur within the narrator and protagonist, Fowler. Due to the complexity of his character, Fowler as a narrator provides a valued yet sometimes flawed insight into the turmoil of his mind. This turmoil is none better displayed through…

The Quiet American: a Political Warning by Graham Greene

The Quiet American by Graham Greene is a novel that depicts a love triangle between a British journalist, an American secret agent and a Vietnamese girl in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. It came out in the mid fifties when the American government was not directly involved in the War. The novel generated critics from…

The Third Man, Historical Analysis

The Third Man, was filmed in post World War II Vienna, releasing in 1949. The film was written by Graham Greene, directed by Carol Reed, and produced by the American David Selznick and the British Michael Korda. The black and white, pessimistic film “is one of the greatest British thrillers of the post-war era, in…

“The Destructors” by Graham Greene

In “The Destructors” Graham Greene uses Trevor and other characters as an example to assert that the war and the bombing that injured British cities during the war was causing people surrounded by the destruction to become desensitized. Blackie and the other members of the gang all distrust Old Misery’s exhibitions of generosity and so…

The Lottery by Shirley Jackson And The destructors by Graham Greene

The Lottery story takes place just after the World War II in June of 1948 in New York. It takes place in the village and this can be supported when we are told that there were only about three hundred people in the village (Para 1) Likewise the destructors takes place just a few years…

Graham Greene’s “The Destructors”

Graham Greene’s “The Destructors” is a real-life like story that shows how societal forces or the environment shapes the behavior and thinking of the protagonists. Moreover, the story becomes a manifestation of history and protests during a time of despair, dramatically presented by the author. In “The Destructors”, the protagonists are teens who call themselves…

“The Third Man” by Graham Greene and Carol Reed

The Third Man is a timeless masterpiece that acutely exemplifies a brilliant and exceptional execution of the film noir genre. Shadows play a significant aspect in the film. The use of chiaroscuro, a juxtaposition of light and dark, to covey certain moods and atmospheres is very effective. This, as well as the use of angled…

Graham Greene’s four fundamental requirements

Westerhoff narrates about Graham Greene’s four fundamental requirements for leading a spiritual life. (1) willingness to embrace suffering of world while enduring one’s own (2) a life of solitude and silence (3) introspection of deep restlessness within spirit (4) to see the image of God (Christ) within the community of faith. (John. H. Westerhoff 1994,…

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