GM Essay Examples

Genetically modified organisms

GM can be used to improve the quality of foods as well as increase the number of crops created. This can lead to more quality crops being produced and supplied to the consumers. I find that this is economically beneficial for the country. GM can enhance the taste and quality of foods. Maturation time for… View Article

Genetically Modified Food

In 1973, scientists discovered something that has the potential to change the world we live in forever they discovered Genetic Modification. Genetic modification is exactly what it sounds like it is the modification of genes inside a living organism. This of course could be used on humans or animals but as soon as this discovery… View Article

General Motors social responsibility strategy

They emphasize clearly on enthusiasm. They want the employee, customer and shareholder enthusiasm to be extremely high. Targets that are environmentally cleansing will give the enthusiasm to the customers. The customers may then start to buy GM vehicles, Which will result in the business being more profitable, which will then give the shareholders enthusiasm. GM… View Article

The GM club

The 21st century has become a world of wonders, a world of scientific and technological miracles. Moreover, a world where human kind strives to solve all of its ills without knowing enough about repercussions. If this dream is to be realized, we as an inter-dependant society, have a moral and ethical duty to make fundamental… View Article

Developing countries

Do the potential risks justify stopping the development of GM foods when they could be a benefit to developing countries? On the one hand we can say it would be immoral to stop the development of GM foods when they are such a benefit to poor developing countries. GM crops can be developed with resistance… View Article

Designing a Biosphere

To start with the biosphere will be pumped with oxygen from oxygen canisters, plants will be introduced as well as simple life forms that use oxygen to respire. Hopefully the delicate balance of oxygen and carbondioxide will cycle around through plant and life form, from the processes of respiration and photosynthesis. Where the plant will… View Article

Debate on Genetically Modified Food

For millions of years, the world has evolved and developed, by selective breeding to adapt into the society, which it is today. Natural adaptations and changes have occurred in various species of plants and animals, which even modern scientists cannot explain. Our world has survived for… well forever, without genetically enhanced produce, so why should… View Article

Arguments for and against GM crops

GM crops are genetically modified crops that have been genetically enhanced using modern biotechnology to carry one or more beneficial new traits. 1. What is the difference between GM and conventional plant breeding? Conventional plant breeding involves changing the genes of a plant so that a new and better variety is developed. New varieties of… View Article

Ford and GM

The aim of this essay is to discuss the social consequences for both individuals and the communities in which they reside of prolonged period of unemployment. Unemployment is a word not so easily defined as many may consider the unemployed to be individuals not in employment, ill or undergoing full time education there are certain… View Article