Global Essay Examples

Why is identity and belonging so important in the global age

Globalization entered everyday English usage in the early sixties, following the periodical of Marshall McLuhan’s Gutenberg Galaxy (1962). Malcolm Waters, a principal authority on the subject, defines globalization as a “process in which the limits of geography on social and cultural arrangements retreat and [as a consequence] people become ever more aware that [such constraints]… View Article

Overfishing: A Global Issue

Millions of people around the world are depending on fish for food and livelihood. Over 75 % of the planet is covered by the oceans. Well, the biodiversity is so imbalance, more than three quarters of these water forms were generally unexplored. That is why different countries are competing to the access of established fish… View Article

Global warming

Global warming is the process by which several gases known ‘green-house gases’ (such as carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, nitrous oxide, etc) are accumulating in the earth’s environment (as a result of human activity and pollution) and are trapping the sun’s energy resulting in a rise in the planet’s temperature. Some of the largest sources… View Article

Global Warming and Water Resources

Climate change is a global problem. Its causes a string of effects but particularly, it affects water resources. As global warming affects the marine ecosystems and as it contributes to the melting of the polar ice caps, mankind is facing a bleaker future. Climate change, also known as global warming or the greenhouse effect is… View Article

Global City-Regions

Regional geography usually concerns the evident similarities and differences of the various regions of the world (Martin and Thompson 2006). One of the concerns of such field of geography is the ever-changing geographical urbanization throughout the globe. Urbanization can come in different forms, thus, in the article by Scott, urbanization in the form of expanding… View Article

A Global Perspective

Urbanization refers to the development of cities and towns in a particular area. Urban formation is a continuous process which is necessitated by the growth of population and expansion of trade. Different theories have been formulated to explain the origin and development of urban centers. These theories include the hydraulic theories, economic theories, the military… View Article

Global warming

Global warming and climate change has been a recent topic that has made many people recognize environment as a vital part of their survival. The proposed introduction of the emission trading scheme in Australia has come as a result of this great concern that is being put on the environment. However, this action has been… View Article

Effects of Global Warming on Coral Reefs

The global warming is perhaps one of the very serious environmental problems that the world is facing right now. As many studies made by experts have illustrated, the problem of global warming affects every aspect of human and Earth life. It is not only the humans that are directly affected by the global warming. Other… View Article

Global Environmental Issues

As the third world countries struggle with famines poverty wars and population growth, the communities in the third world countries are discovering the potential impacts of these problems in the form of increased water, air and land pollution. In most of third world countries pollution is almost unchecked and developed nations dump untreated sewage flows… View Article

Global and regional environmental

People across the globe are being affected by global and regional environmental changes. The drastic environmental problems such ozone layer depletion and climate change are as a result of over consumption, unsustainable life styles and unhealthy patterns of development (Harris, 47). Environmental problems are likely to hit the marginalized and the poor first often with… View Article

Global warming and climatic changes

Global warming and climatic changes have a synergistic relationship-one leads to the other. Climatic changes are substantial alterations in the earth’s climate that lasts for an extended period of time and can be as a result of global warming. Global warming is defined as a change of climate that causes an increase in the average… View Article

Global Warming Crisis

Global warming pertains to the increase in temperature of the atmosphere based on the entrapment of gases that are emitted from activities on the surface of the earth. The increase in temperature is a direct result of the greenhouse effect, which involves heat that originated from the sun, which is entrapped within the atmosphere due… View Article

Global Warming and Drought in The Southwestern U.S.

Pumphrey (2008) rightly observed that until fairly recently, no one would bought the idea that the world’s climate was changing, let alone that it was been influenced by human activities. The first insight into what is today known as global warming was first conceived by the Swedish scientist Arrhenius, who, late in the 19th century,… View Article

Global warming and people going green

The natural environment is the home of all living and non living organisms. Natural resources are available to human beings without clear cut boundaries in the natural air, water and climate. Natural environment has a source of energy, radiation and electric charge and all these are not as an influence of human activity but by… View Article

Global warming and our economy

Global Warming is always been a debatable issue since last century and with the rise of globalization, this issue is in continues focus. This paper will discuss effects of global warming in this era of global economy. This relates to our interest in giving social rationales the centrality that it deserves. By social purpose we… View Article