Gertrude Essay Examples

I thought it was the end

‘I thought it was the end. ‘ I watched my own son slowly; painfully pass away for a crime he didn’t commit. I couldn’t believe that it was happening. Why? I kept asking myself and I just couldn’t find an answer. My head was spinning and I didn’t know or for that matter care where… View Article

Compare different possible readings

Compare different possible readings of the characters of Gertrude and Ophelia. What impact would different interpretations have on the play as a whole? You might like in particular to consider what difference would be made to a production of the play if the female characters were presented as strong in themselves, or as weak and… View Article

Characters in Hamlet

William Shakespeare uses various elements, themes and connections between them to present ideas of enduring value in ‘Hamlet. His character development in Hamlet &Claudius and use of dramatic techniques present values in ‘Hamlet’ those of which are timeless. These enduring values include guilt, corruption and life & death. Shakespeare has used various dramatic techniques to… View Article

Shakespeare’s use of soliloquies to present Macbeth and Hamlet

How does Shakespeare use soliloquies to present the characters of Macbeth and Hamlet? A soliloquy is a comprehensive and unremitting dialogue spoken by a single person. The speaker is presenting his or her thoughts audibly, thus providing a forthright, outspoken, unremitting, and uninterrupted flow of thought, which channels his or her consciousness directly to the… View Article

Hamlet Questions and answers

1.1 1. What happens when Francisco and Bernardo meet at the beginning of 1.1? Where are we, and when? Why is there confusion over which one is supposed to challenge the other by asking “Who’s there”? Why is Horatio with Bernardo and Marcellus? Who is he? They saw something strange, we are at Denmark. He… View Article

Theme of Revenge in Hamlet

In the play Hamlet written by William Shakespeare, several characters attempt to lure their foes into their death as payback for any wrongdoing. This highlights the main theme of revenge in the play. Revenge is a constant theme throughout the plot. Not only does it underlie almost every scene, but it also has a major… View Article