George Washington Essay Examples

The Simpsons coursework

“The Simpsons” is an animated, American sitcom. It makes fun of the ‘average’ American family and the American way of life. In the opening sequence we see twelve separate places. There is an aerial view from the clouds descending into a long shot of town along the road to the school: then a medium shot… View Article

Life as a Spy During American Revolution

Hello, my name is John Honeyman, and I am a spy. It is 1777 on the calendar. The real thing I do is spying for George Washington. You might ask me, why have I chosen such a dishonest duty? Why do I help the enemies of the Crown to which I have given an oath?… View Article

George Washington: Better General or President?

In response to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson said, “We sir, Cannot do without you.” Everyone knows George Washington was America’s first president. He has been called the father of the country, the indispensible man, and America’s own Moses. Many will agree that George Washington was a great leader and general; this reviewer even had a… View Article

The War That Made America

The French and Indian war went on from 1756 to 1763. It was also known as the Seven Years’ War, it lasted seven years. It greatly involved the Native Americans and affected the relationship that they had with the French. The British and the French were fighting to see who would take over the colonies… View Article

Road to Independence Revolution

“War is when the government tells you who the bad guy is. Revolution is when you decide for yourself.”(Unknown) In the case of the American Revolution, the colonists decided for themselves and truly believed in the cause. The Colonists knew that “change” had to take place because of the unfair treatment they experienced. The American… View Article

Nathan Hale

In the small town of Coventry, Connecticut on June 6, 1755, Nathan Hale was born, to devout Puritans, Deacon Richard Hale and Elizabeth Strong Hale. Hale was the sixth of twelve children. The Hale’s had 9 boys and 3 girls. Hale’s parents were concerned that he wouldn’t survive his first year, like the two children… View Article

Jay’s Treaty, Pinckney’s Treaty and the Whisky Rebellion

I am sure many have heard about historical changes such as “Jay’s Treaty”, “The Whiskey Rebellion”, and “Pinckney’s Treaty”. They are taught to children as young as Eight years old. These three were major parts in Domestic Politics in the 18th century. In 1793, the British government violated international law by ordering naval commanders to… View Article

George Washington

George Washington faced many challenges during his presidency. Some of these challenges were difficulty of setting up a new government, domestic difficulties, and foreign affairs. He had a hard eight years of presidency but he mostly resolved all the problems. One of his challenges was setting up a new government. This was hard because people… View Article

George Washington

The shift of power in the late 1790’s by the Federalists can be attributed to different factor that had caused such incidents. In understanding this loss, the fall from power does not revolve around the hold of the government. Rather, it is the shift of ideas and reshaping of new interests that had led to… View Article

American Revolutionary War and Common Sense

Many students feel they know about the American War for Independence, but few understand how complex the arguments were and how long the war lasted. In your studies this week, what impressed you about the formation of the American nation? Was there anything presented in the material that you had not thought about before? What… View Article

George Washington’s Farewell Address

Abstract George Washington was the first president of the United States of America. He reigned for two terms after which he decided to retire. He is considered as one of the greatest leaders that America has ever had in its history. He decided to publish his famous speech, the “farewell address” in the American daily… View Article

Revolutionary Mothers

The American Revolution was a fight for independence from England. The war shows an assembly of the thirteen colonies and more importantly thousands of Americans. This included a variety of races, and gender. However, in Revolutionary Mothers author, Carol Berkin, mentions that women’s accomplishments during the conflict are often forgotten. Throughout the novel Berkin describes… View Article

Scramble for Africa

SECTION A: IMPERIALISM OR COLONIALISM The “Scramble for Africa” was a movement by the every European power during the Industrial revolution to claim as much land as possible in resource rich Africa, with a goal of expanding its wealth and empire. During the Berlin Conference of 1884, the Europeans established that individual countries could lay… View Article

The contributions of Washing and Jefferson

In 1789 George Washington was elected as the First President of the United States of America under the Constitution. In the following years after George Washington’s administration was John Adams and succeeding him was the Third President of the United States Thomas Jefferson. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson’s’ administrations contributed to establishing a stable government… View Article

A Fight for Independence

America: The land of the free, and the home of the brave. We all know that if we look at America in the prime of its greatness, it was just this, the land of the free. It was free from oppression, from stubborn, and greedy laws, and acts that held us back. However, this independence… View Article