General Motors Essay Examples

A Comparative Analysis of Toyota and General Motors

The Automotive industry of the world is changing dramatically. With the improving economies of Asia the demand for cars is also increasing. Business forecasters are saying that Asia would be the second largest automotive market in 2013 after the United States. This was rapidly encouraging carmakers to manufacture vehicles that fit customers needs based n… View Article

Automotive Industry and Prius

Full service agency “Oakly & Oakley” has been asked to prepare a three-year communications plan for the Toyota Prius, which is to be launched in the UK. Market analysis identified the target market, which consists of two groups: private and corporate buyers. Next to the demographic profile, three different psychographic profiles amongst the private buyer… View Article

Hybrid electric vehicle

QD = f? P, PS, PC, Y, A, AC, N, CP, PE, TA, T=S …? [2. 1] where QD = quantity demanded of (e. g. , Toyota Prius or Chevy Volt) P = price of the good or service (the auto) PS = price of substitute goods or services (e. g. , the popular gasoline-powered… View Article

Changing Strategy of General Motors

General Motors Company, commonly known as GM (listed General Motors Corporation before 2009), is an American multinational automotive corporation headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, and the world’s largest automaker, by vehicle unit sales, in 2011.Earlier GM used to dump their old and unsold models into developing countries and they used to neglect markets in developing nations… View Article

Plug-in hybrid

Abstract This paper focuses on the hybrid car technology, government support programs, environmental effects and the demand for hybrid vehicles in the United States. Research was done in the areas of environmental effects of driving hybrid car, income tax incentives for qualified buyers unstable petroleum supplies, and growing concern about global pollution. Hybrid cars tax… View Article

Tesla in Automotive industry Strategy project

1. Introduction The Encyclopaedia Brittanica defined the automotive industry as all the companies and activities involved in the manufacturing of motor vehicles, including most components, such as bodies and engines; but excluding tires, batteries and fuel1. The automotive industry started with the production of what is widely considered to be the first ever automobile, the… View Article

Internal combustion engine

Electric vehicles are a topic of great importance to the future of GM … and to the future of our country for that matter.. Over the last day and half, you’ve heard a number of interesting perspectives about how to address energy independence and climate change … and there are some great vehicles on display… View Article

Electric Vehicles- Are They Really Green?

Are electric cars actually bad for the environment? New research suggests that you have to drive an electric car a long, long way for it to be greener than a gas-guzzling vehicle POSTED ON JUNE 14, 2011, AT 10:30 AM A hybrid car is plugged into a charging station in San Francisco, Calif. : Electric… View Article

1920’s Automobiles

Automobiles are one of the most prominent inventions ever created. The automobile industry rapidly grew through the 1920’s. Henry Ford’s invention of the Model-T in 1903 skyrocketed the popularity of the automobile. Ford’s invention of the assembly line allowed the production of automobiles to increase rapidly. The assembly line allowed the automobile to be affordable… View Article

General Motors

General Motors (GM) is the world’s largest automaker. The company sold 9 million units worldwide in 2011. GM China, consisting of six joint ventures, represents 13% of the exponentially increasing Chinese market that produced 18 million automobiles last year. The most successful GM Chinese joint ventures are Shanghai GM and SAIC GM Wuling, both selling… View Article

The Daimler Chrysler Case

QUESTION 1: How would you evaluate Daimler’s choice of partner/target? What is in your opinion the main reason for the troubles in integrating the two companies? The Daimler-Chrysler merger represent an example of poor partner selection when engaging in cross-border collaboration. Cultural and strategic differences between the two companies have significantly affected the outcome of… View Article

In the Driver’s Seat

One ford….one team….one goal.tens of thousands of ford employees carry around these words with them on laminated wallet-sized cards.m why? These words reflect the vision CEO Alan Mulally has for the future of ford Motor Company. And pursuing that vision has implications for how the company will be structured. Mulally joined Ford Motor in… View Article

Market entries to China for Holden

Executive summary With more and more countries taking part in the international trade, the world’s market is expanding in a rapid pace. How to make use of the enlarging market and remain competitive become urgent for those participants. Market diversification is a good way to take full advantage of the resource and improve the efficiency… View Article

General Motors

In General Motor (GM) in relations with their external environment, there are many elements in which (GM) as a company will have no control over when conducting it business. In the “Five Forces Model” , Michael Porter provide an suggestion and analysis regarding the forces which companies like (GM) will have no control over such… View Article

Gm Swot Analysis

General Motors Company is an American multinational automotive corporation headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. One of the top automaker companies in the world. General Motors most well known as GM has purchase several brands over the years. Everything started with William “Billy” Durant who was the founder of General Motors on September 16, 1908 (History and… View Article