Gender Essay Topics

Estonia Gender Problems

Throughout history, women have constantly struggled for equal rights. However, even after women have gained increased equality in many countries, gender inequality still exists on an international scale. The European country Estonia, in particular, faces a noticeably greater gap between men’s and women’s rights in comparison with its European neighbors. Despite the Estonian Gender Equality… View Article

A Woman’s Place and a Man’s Duty

The author Maria Del Carmen Triana explains the vast difference between the wage income gap over the years between men and women, and how it plays an important role in today’s competitive society. Gender income gaps have become a hot debate topic for many. Gender income gaps can affect a marriage and family as well… View Article

Gender Biologically Determined

Drawing upon ethnographic examples from 2-3 societies. Gender being ‘biologically determined’ means that whether gender is inherited or passed down by genetics. If a person is a man or woman, (which is usually called ‘The Sex’), that is biologically determined because they inherit the chromosomes to be born a man, or to be born as… View Article

If I Were to Wake Up as the Other Gender

Tomorrow, things would be different if I woke up as a boy. I would jump into the shower, but instead of the usual 20 minutes, it would only take me half the time to finish. I would be amazed about how much faster I could dress. It would also take me half the time to… View Article

How gender roles and stereotypes affect children

Like most people I have nieces and nephews. Whenever I take my niece to McDonalds she always orders the Happy Meal. Without asking whether we wanted a girl or boy toy, they automatically gave her the Polly Pocket Doll, instead of the Smurf toy that she actually was hoping for. Being a girl, the cashier… View Article

Herculine Barbin

Upon reading Herculine Barbin, it helped me understand the difficulties in which Herculine had, living as a hermaphrodite living in his century, as it is still very difficult to lead such a life now. However, many parts of the reading were ambiguous because she never exactly mentions the condition of her body or what kind… View Article

Power of Talk: Who Gets Heard and Why

There is no particular way to communicate according the Deborah Tannen as communication is not just saying what you mean but how one communicates the meaning. Situation varies from one person to another. Language communicates ideas but a more powerful form of communication is social behavior . Language use is a learnt social behavior that… View Article

Doing Gender

One of the most seemingly overlooked topics in the society is the question on sex and gender. In most cases, sex and gender are being taken as related, if not synonymous, insights in the course of sociological context. However, it is aimed in this paper to point out that there are indeed differences between the… View Article

Role of Women in Hesiod’s Theogony and Works and Days

In most Greek mythology there is a general hostility towards the female sex, which relays that most poets and writers themselves were sexist. Throughout Hesiod’s Theogony and Works and Days, women are portrayed in a very subservient manner, placing them far below men and are almost despised. However, in more than one instance, manipulation, women’s… View Article

Run Lola Run Paper Response

Question: Explain how media producers communicate a preferred reading to the audience and why alternative readings might be made. Response: Media producers create texts with an audience in mind, and while they try to remain entertaining and original in most of their films they also need to ensure that the audience is able to understand… View Article

Sex and Politics in Lysistrata

Aristophanes, whom is a comedic writer, wrote Lysistrata during the Greek civil war. This unstoppable combat was between Athenians and Spartans, whom believed that the only way to prove anything was through war. The theme of Lysistrata revolves around gender, sex, and also politics. Its reasons for development were that if men were not able… View Article

Men are violent by nature

In the essay “Men – It’s In Their Nature,” Hoff Sommers states that although the “radical masculinity” should be addressed and civilized, it should not be eliminated because it is something natural and without it men would not be able to protect women and society. She argues that trying to make boys behave like girls… View Article

Gender Discrimination Against Women in the Workplace

Traditionally, women have been considered to be the weaker sex and subordinate to men. Moreover, their roles have been assigned to domestic and childrearing duties. The job market is male dominated, and women are often considered to be out of place therein. Women face considerable sexual discrimination in the world of work, significantly limiting their… View Article

The Difference Between Feminine and Masculine

Farrah Fawcett once said “God made man stronger but not necessarily more intelligent. He gave women intuition and femininity. And, used properly, that combination easily jumbles the brain of any man I’ve ever met.” Why then, do women still feel that men are superior to them? Does being feminine lower us, or make us inferior?… View Article