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Gender Ideologies in Local Context

Present essay deals with analysis of gender ideologies’ functioning in certain local contexts. The latter is discussed through the prism of interactionist approach, which seems to be the most effective in terms of describing micro-level at which gender ideologies function. It provides with possibilities for studying how performative, discourse and social strategies of actors realized…

Gender Implications in Web Development/HCL

There are many women just as men who use internet on the web pages. The number of users from both genders continues to increase and this leads to a size doubling of the World Wide Web every two to three months. However, despite the fact that both female and male users are many, there are…

Gender Issues In Education, Sports And Employment

Gender is the cultural construct attached to the fact of biological sex. The construct of gender has come to carry significant meaning with regard to the valuing of people or behaviors according to gender qualifications. There is much evidence that suggest that gendered inequality is the product of female oppression in a world dominated by…



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Stereotyping Genders from Everyday Use

Stereotyping men and women have always been an issue in literature and media but it should not be so if one accepts that all people are different and it is this difference that affects the social perception being expressed in the different forms of literature and media. In a speech made by Professor Amy Wax…

Interdisciplinary Gender Studies

1) The approach is interdisciplinary. Problems in our societies are too complex to be studied from one perspective. This entails different dimensions of interdisciplinarity: theories draw on neighbouring disciplines and try to integrate other/new theories. Teamwork consists of different researchers from different traditionally defined disciplines working together. Lastly, also the methodologies are adapted to the…

Breaking the Unspoken Gender Rule

“I keep trying to integrate my life. I keep trying to make all of the pieces into one piece. As a result, my identity becomes my body which becomes my fashion, which becomes my writing style. Then I perform what I’ve written in an effort to integrate my life, and that becomes my identity, after…

What is the effect of gender and their willingness to go to mediation?

Gender roles have an influence of how people are willing to seek counseling and mediation. Men whose gender roles have been affected negatively, who have gender role conflicts, have negative attitudes towards seeking counseling. This research tends to prove the link between the gender roles and the willingness to go to mediation. Mediation is the…

Gender, Resistance, and Violence

Most people in the capitalist west take it for granted that what they refer to as the Muslim world is recognized most for marginalization and mistreatment of women and girls (Arebi, 99). This belief runs so deep that some westerners are shocked at the sight of Muslim women travelling alone or freely dressed (El-Ghobashy, 110)….

Gender Roles in United States

Gender role can be defined as number of professed personality trait and manners observed by males or females in a given society.  Different culture imposes a different set of expectations on men and women (faqs, n.d). Every culture has a different number of norms that they use to differentiate a perfect male or female with…

Gender roles

Gender roles refer to the set of social, attitudinal and behavioral roles, norms and expectations that, within a definite culture, are also formally or informally required or widely measured to be socially appropriate for persons of a precise gender identity. They are constructed for a variety of genders in order to channelize their energies towards…

Gender Roles in The Thin Man

The period of the 1930s was an offshoot of the “roaring twenties” or the “jazz age”, a time when women gained a heightened sense of prominence in the society after the First World War saw young men leaving their homes and their work in response to the nation’s call to arms (Freedman, 1974, p. 374)….

Gender /Sex Discrimination in the Work Place

Thirty five years after civil rights act of 1964 was passed, female workers amounting to 80% are still doing the ‘women work. ’ Some as secretaries, others are sales clerks while others are support workers in the administrations. In the year 1993, only 19 women found themselves among the directors in the country and more…

Gender Socialization

Every child is born to a particular society which has its set of values, norms and belief system. The first stage of socialization of the child is the family to which he/she is born. As the child grows, he/she is introduced to the way life is lived and the role he or she is to…

Gender Socialization in American Social Institutions

Socialization refers to how people learn different cultures and learn to live with the various aspects of the cultures. For an individual, socialization provides an opportunity to gain various habits and skills that are necessary for participating and acting at various levels within the society. For the wider society, socialization enables different people to exchange…

Gender Stereotypes

Gender stereotypes in the society have been existing for a long period of time. This has been due to their intensively conventional simplified and persuasively convincing reference that makes people to easily belief them. Though these stereotypes have been adopted by majority of the people as part of their culture, they are wrong and should…

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