Gender Essay Topics

Should Women Be Allowed in Combat

For centuries our women have been going into combat, so how come all of a sudden the conflict on whether they should or shouldn’t has become such an uproar. When the women in tribes fought over food and men during our beginnings, those women were undoubtedly in combat. And as the centuries went on, women… View Article

Gender as a Dimension of Social Stratification

Everyone knows and speaks about equality between men and women, and we just conclude that men and women are not equal. Gender is considered a major dimension of social stratification since the responsibilities of both men and women are different which can be traced since old times. The society provides more power to men rather… View Article

Mall Assignment Observation Writeup

The store was more male-dominant, though there was females present. Every employee was wearing a blue apple employee shirt. It seems as though that is the only dress code requirement. Clear evidence of emotional work, the employees were all smiling, cheerful, and very welcoming. I observed an employee acknowledging concerns of his customer, and trying… View Article

Encountering conflict essay ‘A Separation’

Conflict is an integral part of human nature, in which we all experience in our daily lives. The responses to conflict determine whether a resolution takes place, or whether the conflict at hand is perpetuated and escalated, to the point where a resolution is impossible. Persistence of conflict can occur due to religion and moral… View Article

Are Females Better Students Than Males

Sajetha: As a whole, females do better than males in school. Am I saying that the individual female will always do better than the individual male? No. There are of course males who perform academically better than girls in school. However, speaking from a male’s point of view, female academic performance is higher than male… View Article

Lead And Manage A Team

1.1 -Explain the features of effective team performance The features of effective team performance is set up through positive leadership, this is something which is developed and nurtured. An effective team will work together, be focused and all the time supporting each other along the way to achieve and reach goals. For a team to… View Article

Women And Flexibility In The Workplace

American women are working hard to pay bills and take care of their families, yet many employers makes it impossible for them to work and take care of their family obligations. Women have not been given the importance of their male counterparts in any field in the workplace. History has shown that there is no… View Article

Honor Killings of Women

The question of gender equality has always been one of the most acute in the present day world. In the western world a number of countries are promoting equal rights between men and women. The United Kingdom and the United States have always been known as the countries that gave birth to the suffragette movement,… View Article

Transgender and New Age Thing

In life people feel uncomfortable in all sorts of situations. When you were five you were uncomfortable meeting new and strange people. When you were in middle school you were uncomfortable talking to adults. In high school you were uncomfortable talking in front of the class to give a presentation or a speech. However, in… View Article


For most of its history, western political theory has ignored women. Women have seldom appeared in its analyses of who should have power, when it finally decided to notice women it usually defended their exclusion from public affairs and their confinement to the home; only rarely have women been seen as political animals worthy of… View Article

My Life in Pink

The story of this sensitively-handled film concerns a young MtF transsexual. It is by turns comic and heartbreaking. Seven-year old Ludovic lives in an upper-middle class Belgian suburban neighborhood. He behaves in a way that is quite natural to him, dresses in a dress or skirt whenever possible, and is quite convinced he will be… View Article

Women of Sparta and Athens

The role of women in Ancient Greece all depended on the city where one lived. In Sparta, women were more valued and respected by men, so the men were willing to give them more rights and opportunities to make their own decisions. In Athens, men had a more traditional view on women and believed that… View Article

More than Black & White: I am Who I am

One thing that truly sparked my attention for this assignment is the title, “Who am I and Why Does it Matter?” Over twenty-two years of my existence, I still ask myself this question every day. I cannot guarantee that I have an absolute answer, for I am still in the process of personal discovery and… View Article

Gender segregation In US

In the recent past, United State has been a victim of gender inequality. For instance, in the colonial era, reading and writing were the essential skills. However, these skills were mainly taught to boys and only privileged girls. This is a clear discrimination that makes the girls child disadvantaged and thus affects her social development… View Article