GCSE Essay Examples

The Procedure – A Dystopian Story

Before, a person could expect to live eighty years, but with The Procedure a person can live three times that long. ” “But couldn’t you keep me young without changing me,” asks Rachel, “I wouldn’t mind that. ” “Some day we might,” replies The Psychologist. “You see The Procedure must be performed when the body… View Article

Pip and Magwitch

Throughout the novel Great Expectations the reader will find that Magwitch plays a significant role to the plot of story. Not only does Dickens use Magwitch to form the main foundation of the story he also uses the character to convey Dickens’s view on important themes such as crime, punishment, social status and betrayal. In… View Article

Pip and his Journey to becoming uncommon

He shows it to Joe, who thinks it’s magnificent, but when Joe tries to read it all he can say is “J. O. JO. ” (44) Pip is surprised, and then asks Joe if he can actually read. Joe replies that he can so Pip gives him a book, but again the only thing Joe… View Article

Of mice and men

Is it the piano which is half caste? Or it is life that is half caste as he utters on the fourth stanza “I close half a eye consequently where I dream, I dream… half dream. ” Through these lines I discover that in his point of view even his dreams are half! However he… View Article

My view from the bridge

Marco makes his point to Eddie at the end of act one by picking up a chair over his head to prove he is stronger than Eddie. Marco proves to Eddie that he is better than him. He picks up the chair with one hand. At the end of this scene Marco smiles to show… View Article

What are the features which make a good detective story?

The Hound of the Baskervilles is regarded as Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle’s best novel was a classic in the genre of detective stories. Detective stories have special features which make them good and The Hound of the Baskervilles definitely contains some of the features that do make an exciting and gripping detective story that a reader… View Article

View from a Bridge – Arthur Miller

Choose a play in which there is a scene involving intense emotion. Show how the dramatist makes you aware of the intensity of the emotion in the scene and discuss the importance of the scene to the drama as a whole. In his play “A View from the Bridge,” Arthur Miller successfully conveys to the… View Article

Telephone Conversation

Wole Soyinka’s ‘Telephone Conversation’ is written in a single stanza, allowing the poets stream of consciousness to run alongside the dialogue that takes place. He uses enjambment and caesura to create speech like patterns, and includes complex language, for example “surrender pushed dumbfoundment to beg simplification. ” This use of language gives the poem an… View Article

Great Expectations

This shows just how angry she is about being ‘dumped. ‘ In ‘Havisham’ Carol Ann Duffy makes miss Havisham seem less than human in many ways, first of all she degrades her by not giving her a proper title, just ‘Havisham’ not ‘Miss Havisham’ just ‘Havisham’ this makes her seem in an under class, then… View Article

Pip’s distress at the end

Thus Pip pleads with Ms. Havisham explaining the reasons why he cannot play. He begs Ms. Havisham to empathize with him. We can already see the reasons of Pip’s distress. He has entered an unfamiliar and frightening environment against his will. He is afraid of Ms Havisham and although he is awestruck by Estella’s beauty,… View Article

Why was sherlock holmes so popular?

To many, Sherlock’s appeal is in his eccentric personality, but his methods draw in alot of admiration from a vast number of readers. Sherlock’s methods separate him from many other detectives, as they are very unique to him and are relevant to his character. “No, but I fancy I have deduced a little more” He… View Article

The Baskivilles so sucessful over 100 years after it was written

“The fast dynamic is emphasised by the exclamation marks, the short, snappy sentences and the abundance of commas. These three factors also add a lot of suspense to the book. This pacey style to the book was something that was unique in Victorian Times and has become more common in the modern day but because… View Article

The Crucible have lasting appeal

The play ‘The Crucible’ was written in 1953 by Arthur Miller. It was set in a 1692 in a small Quaker town called Salem, Massachusetts, North America. Arthur Millar based the play on the Salem witch trials, so elements of this piece of literature are based on historical fact. The play acts as an analogy… View Article

The ending of Apartheid

Their economy was depressed due to foreign investment being introverted, and sanctions and boycotts being imposed – one example being Multinational Corporations such as Pepsi Cola, IBM and Peugeot closing factories and offices in South Africa. Source B11 says that economic recession in 1975, coupled with the already ‘grievances’, caused the system to falter. Bantu’s… View Article

The civil rights movements

This threat led to some improvement. Roosevelt’s order on discrimination however did not apply to the armed forces. At the start of the war, the army refused to train black officers; the air force would not let them train as pilots; and the navy would only use black servicemen in the kitchens. Black peoples’ blood… View Article