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Gay Essay Examples

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Gay Right and Gay Marriage

The Gays Rights Movement has existed for over 89 years in counting since the development of the Society for Human Rights in Chicago. During the early years of the Gay Rights movement (1924-1973) it was very difficult to identify as a member of the same sex loving community because during this time it was illegal…

Should Gay Couples Be Able to Marry?

Gays should be allowed to marry When it comes to gay marriage I think society needs to calm down and realize something here. Those gay people are in love and their human beings just like the rest of us. Stop being so prideful and see that they deserve to be happy and have the same…

The Stonewall Riots

On June 28th, 1969, the police raided the place. They turned the lights on and ask everyone to show their ids. The police took all men dressed as women to a back room to verify their sex, since men in drag had to be arrested. By doing this, some policemen took advantage of some lesbians…



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Critique on against gay marriage

The modern world is experiencing transition in all aspects of life. This change is being experienced in marriage whereby some people are moving a way from the belief that marriage should only take place between people of same sex. They have gone to an extent of pushing for marriage between people of same-sex to be…

Gay Community in the Army

The story of the African American struggle after the Emancipation Declaration is quite significant in the current occurrences in the United States. One issue that has mirrored the struggle of the freed slaves has been the struggle of the gay community for acceptance in the military and to enjoy marriage rights just as the heterosexual…

Gay marriage

The sanctioning of gay marriage is a moral way forward and has positive outcomes in all aspects of life. Homosexuality it seems is a modern concept in terms of today’s news, especially as the legalization of gay marriages are now at the forefront of today’s current issues. The facts are, homosexuality is not a modern…

Gay marriages

Legalization of gay marriages is a comparatively new social experiment, undertaken in twelve American states and several European countries. To my view, it should be cancelled, and in the present paper I would like to substantiate my opposition to the introduction of gay marriage practice worldwide. The United States Constitution, as one knows, guarantees religious…

Gay Marriage is Immoral

The debate over the acceptability of the same sex marriage in today’s world has raged on for a number of years now. Both pro and anti same sex marriage activists have been locked in a perpetual tug of war over whether this marriage is ethical or unethical or whether it should be legalized or outlawed….

Gay Marriage

Just recently, a monumental event occurred in the United States of America; for the first time in history, its citizens elected an African American to the White House. Nonetheless, this event did not gain all the attention. Another occurrence shared the media spotlight. On November 4, 2008, voters approved the Proposition 8, also known as…

Reluctance of Gay

Domestic violence is a prevalent criminal and social issue because this occurs in various cultures and types of domestic partnerships. This is the reason for the establishment of laws and processes to aid victims of domestic violence. However, addressing domestic violence is not at all simple because the difficulty not only lies in the weak…

Gay adoption

Although courts have gone to great lengths to provide every child with one mother and one father, the realities of family formation and parenting are considerably more complex. Just a few years ago, most children grew up in a “traditional” or “nuclear” family, which refers to the conjugal household consisting of a husband, a wife,…

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