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Future of Modernization Essay

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Future of Modernization

Modernization includes the concept of development and civilization. In America, modernization was observed through the breakthroughs of many inventors of many technological tools: The Transcontinental Railroad in 1869, The Telephone in 1876, the radio in 1895, the first flying machine by the Wright brothers in 1903, the first gas powered automobile, the assembly line, and the refrigerator in the 20th century. Although these are only some of the few examples of technological innovations, these few have stabilized the foundation of the ongoing trend of modernization in America especially in U. S.

They were the stepping stones of a new and greater society. According to Max Weber, with the involvement of the stated innovations and breakthroughs in the field of science and technology, modernization is mainly associated with the rational way of thinking of those people involved in a new and greater society that results to industrialization (Macionis, 458). Perhaps, this is principally due to the fact that “modern people”, as we term people today, are introduced to a more “truth-seeking” environment rather than a manipulative course of life where everything is dictated according to one’s tradition.

Rational, I say, is primarily about how one view an idea or a concept (or even a thing, if I may add) with upmost understanding, without bias on his/her part. U. S. is a society where its inhabitants bellow rational and lucid concepts. Every inventor or even trend breaker that emerged from this society acclaims rational thinking more than anything else. More likely, modernization is a step by step way of human development, whereas economic outgrow generate the altering of culture that make individual autonomy, gender equality, and democracy progressively more likely.

Also, our choices are not limited in a modernized society. We have the freedom to be whoever we wanted to be but in the expense of losing ourselves in the end. But as far as Herbert Marcuse is concerned, being rational meant being able to sustain the needs of all the population (Macionis, 465). Otherwise, the retort is failure to be rational. Albeit to popular beliefs, modernization has its drawbacks. Modernization has manifested in U. S. not only through its discoveries but also through its social change. Being flexible is needed in this kind of society; but, being flexible entails so much.

Nowadays, one may find it harder to express his or her “true self” than to be someone else, more likely a person who imitates an idol. The interaction between individuals became a little less friendly. One may find it harder to communicate outside the house than to have a little chat to someone abroad. It is much harder to find peers that will last by your side. People’s basic beliefs are changing. Modern people are prone to change their behavior, and even their views about life, according to what the modern trend dictates.

Also, and I think almost all of the modern theorists agree, modernization threatens the survival of indigenous tribes around the globe. We can say that modernization and culture cannot go hand in hand. Also, one of the consequences of the growth of modernizing society is that the world becomes a smaller place with each passing year. Maybe, pertaining to one’s strength of soul is the most prevailing issue against modernization. Isolation is one factor affecting those who are involved in a modernized society.

As the physical health of people improves and their needs are taken care of, they gradually lose their sense of significance. The sense of one’s life is empty and the sentiment that one does not belong to group slowly cripple their mind. This is isolation. The estranged consciousness is detached from people and environment, locked up in its own prejudice. Another negative effect of modernization is its impact on the environment. Devices that produce massive amount of pollutants greatly threaten not only the immediate surrounding but also the people and creatures around these places.

Although the consequences are presented, modernization in U. S. had continued for many decade and will not likely to stop. With all the benefits of a modernized society, it will forever continue its struggle to climb higher and higher. U. S. is also known for its competitive spirit, not wanting to be left behind by its competitors. In the U. S. ’s situation, the development of modernization is just – to put it simply – unavoidable and perhaps a natural occurrence. The inevitability of modernization stands from the idea of competition between most capable societies.

Strictly speaking, modernization is not so much unavoidable as very high probable; at least as there is struggle between the worlds. Therefore, the history of life on earth can be associated with the increasing adaptability of human race. Modernization is highly to take place because modernizing societies are more customary than ‘traditional’ societies. It is much preferable because modernizing societies have better and more promising places to settle for most of the population; it is most of the time.

The transformation of hunter-gatherer communities to traditional agricultural societies was inevitable; so the transformation of traditional societies to a modernized one is also inevitable. Anti-modernization groups may be powerful at the present but it will not be permanent as long as the other societies are modernizing. Sooner or later, by rebellion, conflict, war, corruption, persuasion or voluntary emulation, modernization will take place in a chaotic place. Modernization trend is observed in many parts of the globe.

Every country struggled to have the best of technology. In the short term, this trend has been observed. But as the time passed, it is still there – improving. Modernizing societies dominate the world. It gives hope to a struggling country. Like what have been pointed out a while ago, it is also because of the competitions between nations. I think, Max Weber’s perception best corresponds my own view of modernization. Rationalization can lead us to a modernized society.

Then again, although science has brought us to a higher level of understanding, in a deeper sense it is quite misleading. It cannot solve the questions about life as a whole. I would also agree with Emile Durkheim. Division of labor is really incorporated in a modernized society. But it also makes life more complex – where a society may subside into an anomie.


Macionis, John J. “Society, The Basics Eight Edition. ” Macionis. Society, The Basics Eight Edition. Prentice Hall, 2006.

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