Fruit Essay Examples

Cooking Recipe

Southern Fish Finger Sandwich 1 x 500g fillet of sea bass or red snapper 2 tbs. Mixed dried herbs 2 tbs. Cajun spice ? tsp. salt A few handfuls of plain flour 1 litre of vegetable oil for deep frying Tartar sauce: 200g of mayonnaise 2 tsps of capers, drained, roughly chopped 2 Anchovies, finely… View Article

There is a best time to eat fruits

The title of the article is “Fruit and vegetable consumption” by Claudio E. Perez, published under Health Reports, volume 13, issue number 3, last March 2002. This is a secondary data source that analyzes the first hand information from the first half of cycle 1.1 of the Canadian Community Health Survey, which was done starting… View Article

The Effects of Mouthwash on Pea Seeds Germination

Purpose: The purpose of the pea seeds germination lab is to determine whether pea seeds will sprout with the absence of a complete water solution and replaced by Listerine Mouthwash. Water is the most basic and useful, natural resources for all living things. Water is extremely responsible for carrying all life functions within the cell…. View Article

Coconut- Tree of Life

The Coconut Tree (Cocos Nucifera L.) is called “The Tree of Life” because of the endless list of products and by-products derived from its various parts. Food, shelter, fuel – name it, the coconut has it. The coconut industry is considered a major dollar earner that provides livelihood to one-third of the country’s population. Coconut… View Article

Bitter Gourd

I. Introduction The bitter melon (also known as bitter gourd) looks like a cucumber but with ugly gourd-like bumps all over it. As the name implies, this vegetable is a melon that is bitter. There are two varieties of this vegetable: One grows to about 20 cm long, is oblong and pale green in color…. View Article

Lemon as Flea Preventer

Pets such as dogs needs to be treated with proper nourishment and needs to be walked, exercise and to be played outside. Dogs need a natural environment. They cannot always stay in the house so they need to go outside to breathe fresh air and get socialized with other dogs. But by providing them so,… View Article


One ancestor of the grapefruit was the Jamaican sweet orange (Citrus sinensis), itself an ancient hybrid of Asian origin; the other was the Indonesian pomelo (C. maxima). One story of the fruit’s origins is that a certain “Captain Shaddock”brought pomelo seeds to Jamaica and bred the first fruit But it probably originated as a naturally-occurring… View Article

Watery Rose Apples as Vinegar

Abstract The study was done to make use of the waste rose apples. Two kilograms of rose apples were gathered and washed. Then, they were squeezed and the extracted juice was fermented by adding two teaspoons of yeasts. After two weeks, it smelled like vinegar but is tasteless. Five weeks after, the product was already… View Article

Fruit and Mango Taste

I know you are wondering, what is a mango?, What does a mango taste like?, and what is the texture of a mango like? Well I’m not because I know what one is, how it tastes and what the texture of one is like. That is why I’m writing you this letter to tell you… View Article

Hobbies: Fruit and Idle Mind

Hobbies are leisure time activities. They are gardening, reading books, stamp collecting, learning musical instrument such as Veena, Violin, Guitar etc., painting, photography, bee-keeping, poultry-farming, and writing stories or novels. Hobbies are for recreation and relief from routine, stereo typed and monotonous work. They help us to develop our manual skill. They kindle one’s imagination… View Article

Porter’s Five-Forces’ Analysis of the Spanish Olive Oil Industry

Introduction The cultivation of olives and the production of olive oil have deep roots in the history of Spain. The olive, a symbol of peace, and the tree which produces olives (olea europea) are known to have been cultivated around the Mediterranean about 6000 years ago. Its origin could be the eastern Mediterranean, but most… View Article

History and Significance of Cavendish Banana

The banana plant, or Musa acuminata, is one of the most important fruiting plants on Earth. This plant belongs to the Musaceae family, also known as the “banana family”. The genus Musa refers to “large herbaceous flowering plants” with fruit that is usually elongated and curved, with a yellow, purple, or red rind covering soft… View Article

Calamansi and Onion

Foot odor is a disease which is scientifically known as bromhidrosis- sweaty and smelly feet. While neither painful nor contagious, foot odor causes unmitigated social suffering to those who are burdened with it. Under normal conditions each of your feet produces half a pint of sweat by means by means of some 20,000 sweat glands…. View Article

Maaza Story

1. Maaza story: the fruits of successful global brand The name Maaza denotes taste, enjoyment, represents diamond, in different languages and the brand Maaza has turned out to be a star performer across the region and beyond. The main ingredients for Maaza bottling are Natural Fruit Pulp, treated water, natural identical flavour and Vitamin C… View Article

Coconut Tree

Coconut trees are very useful because they have various parts which can be utilized for various purposes. This article provides useful information about the parts of coconut tree and its uses. In fact, its fruit alone has many uses in the field medicine and cosmetics. There have been numerous studies which proved that it is… View Article