French Essay Examples

Chamonix in the French Alps

Show how Mary Shelley achieves effects through the skilful use of settings in “Frankenstein”. I am going to explore how Mary Shelley uses settings and locations to great effect in her novel Frankenstein. Mary Shelley was born in 1797 and was an only child. Her father was a novelist and her mother was a feminist. However her… View Article

The Remains of the Day?

The only time they ever show anything more than mutual respect for each other is when Stevens is talking to his father on his death bed, and even then, Stevens appears to be more interested in what is going on downstairs, and leaves his father’s death bed to wait at table downstairs. Also, Ishiguro shows… View Article

The French revolution in 1789

The financial problems of the Crown were hugely important in bringing about the French Revolution. However the constitution of France itself at the time was also a major factor of its downfall. The financial problems included the weakness of the tax system, the poor harvests during the 1780s and the war debt accumulated from the… View Article

Issues – politics

Boeing is one of the world’s best known manufactures of aircrafts and so is Northrop Grumman who are the manufacturers of the airbus (Online News Hour, 2008). These are two top brands who are obviously competing in other areas of business and therefore any decision that involve them is bound to raise considerable heat. It… View Article

NASA’s French

The night of the 25th of April was just right for it was such a great time for profound contemplation about what else lies beyond what our naked eyes can see. With the very credible lecture discussion presented by Dr. Bad Hansen, I came to realize that other than the few things we know about… View Article

The French support

The French support of the colonials during the American Revolution was essential to their ultimate success in defeating the British troops and securing their future as an independent nation. The cause of the American patriots was not seeing much success against the British for a good long while after the start of the war. This… View Article

French Silks

Silk is a natural textile material obtained from the cocoon of the moth. It was first made in China. Silk technology reached several parts of Europe including France and Italy in the 12th century. Many of the French weavers in 17th century belonged to minority communities, and they had to flee to England in order… View Article

French Revolutionary impulse

The French Revolution was integral in the development of democracy as it laid the foundations and set a precedent for subsequent revolutionary movements for a democratic system of government. This revolution was particularly successful, its effects compounded to inspire revolutions in the Americas and France. The French Revolution lays claim to being the only political… View Article

Background to the French new wave cinema

The New Wave (French: LA Nouvelle Vague was a term coined by critics for a group of French Filmmakers that existed in the late 1950s and 1960s. these set of filmmakers were actually influenced by Italian Neorealism, (New form realism). Although, this group of people was not well organized filmmakers, they were however connected through… View Article

French kings

The statement is true because the first feudal age was a time when the previous world order collapsed. It was ruined by a massive barbarian invasion that destroyed old institutions of “civilized” existence. Europe was ruled by numerous feudal leaders that led endless wars against each other. In such situation most of the people felt… View Article

French culture

France is a Western Europe country with a population of approximately 60. 4 million people as by July 2004. France has a diversity of religions but the dominant religion is Roman Catholic with Jewish religion having the least followers (Kwintessential, 2010). These preliminary diversities in ethnicity and religion signal a diverse French culture. This paper… View Article

The French Revolution

The events leading to the French Revolution are quite obvious. 30 million people living in France, most living in small, rural villages while less than a million people lived in Paris. The population was growing rapidly but the economy was not. The previous king had spent too much money fighting wars and the national debt… View Article

French Revolution

Modernity by itself is a very abstract concept which can be associated with all new experiences in history. It is largely temporal because what is modern today is the old or obsolete tomorrow. Modernity is said to be a logic of negation because it tends to give importance to the present over the past, and… View Article

The French artist Gustave Courbet

In the late nineteenth century faith in science and technology reflected a growing sense that people could observe the facts of everyday life carefully, understand them, and use the understanding to control the world more successfully than ever before. The artists also closely observed contemporary life in their paintings. During the second half of the… View Article

The French Oil Industry and Corps

In his book, The French Oil Industry and Corpes de Mines in Africa, Douglas Yates speaks to an interesting and important trend taking place in Africa. The French oil industry has long been strong and prosperous in Africa, but Yates takes a hard look at how it got to be that way. With the French… View Article