Freedom Essay Examples

Alving in Search for Freedom

Henrik Ibsen’s works are dealing with the well kept secrets and dogmas in society. His plays strip away the defending layers of the established ethical and moral virtues of social life and therefore create a great commotion and distress among the general public. Ibsen’s radical exposure of highly tabooed themes such as sexually transmitted diseases,… View Article

Into A Police State

Introduction In a time when WW2 had just finished, people were worried that communism might spread around the world, and the overall scariness of the changing world around, George Orwell wrote a dystopian novel, set in the future, in a world that changes the past to suit the needs ofcalled 1984. Orwell’s novel has been… View Article

Concept of freedom

1. Is it possible to measure if anyone is free to any degree? Can freedom be proven? Freedom can hardly be measure as freedom is a controversial abstract concept which people have different interpretations over it. We do not have an absolute definition over the term “freedom” and thereby there is no absolute operationalization used… View Article

America’s Freedom

Two hundred thousand people stood out in front of the Lincoln Memorial Monument on the 28th of August, 1963, lead by the tongues of musicians, artists, poets, and writers rather than politicians and leaders. It was the dawn of a new age in American history, a novel dawn of reason. Mostly young people, who were… View Article

Freedom, strength, relief

“Guilty,” freedom, strength, relief. As soon as the judge said this single, amazingly powerful word, these forgotten feelings rushed through me. I had finally got my revenge. The confusion lead me to let out tearful sighs of joy and sudden outcries of relief. The man who had made my adult life a misery and ruined… View Article

From slavery to freedom

Ironically, Fredrick Douglas all but snatched the Emancipation Proclamation from Abraham Lincoln’s hands to make of its flat rhetoric a sharpened call for freedom and equality. Douglass had never regarded the ending of slavery as enough, either for himself or for his people; it had to be the beginning of an embrace of the black… View Article

Individual and Political Freedom

Enlightenment was a movement of unity, being the work of a group who largely were familiar with each other’s works and admired each other. They hailed from the major nations of Europe and British North America. There were the Frenchmen, Montesquieu, Rousseau, Voltaire, Diderot, d’Alembert, Turgot, Condorcet; the Britons, Locke, Hume and Gibbon; the Germans… View Article

One fine example of which is religion

Once again after years of oppression the natives savored freedom for the first time. However, one cannot deny the fact the three hundred years of colonization has brought about changes in society that until now is evident in the daily life of its Citizens. One fine example of which is Religion. The Spanish empire was… View Article

Human freedom and the ten commandments

When Jesus was asked, “What must I do to inherit eternal life? “, he replied: “You know the Commandments, keep these and you will live. ” It has been said, that the Ten Commandments are not simple rules mandated by God, but rather, this set of rules is considered as a gift given to men… View Article

Internet regulation vs Freedom of Speech

MGM v. Grokster case determines the file sharing software. Grokster is a software development company that makes peer-to-peer file sharing software making it possible for all users to share files. However, one possibility with the usage of this software is that some users start sharing copyrighted files. Most commonly copyrighted music mp3 files are shared…. View Article

Identifying the Intertwining Aspects of Freedom

To truly comprehend the depth of ones’ determination, a literary character-psychologist must take a step back and realign their perspective with various individualistic and public opinions. In my analysis of Richard Rodriguez’s: Hunger of Memory The Education of Richard Rodriguez and Azar Nafisi’s Reading Lolita in Tehran I shall ponder the intricacies of several major… View Article

Academic freedom

The playgrounds of any public school in the United States today abound with children from different races. African-Americans, Asians, Latin Americans and Caucasians all populate the diversity rich public school system of America today. Classrooms are filled with different opinions regarding the different races and beliefs (Faegin & O’Brien 203). The lunchrooms are full of… View Article

Order Versus Individual Freedom

Everybody aspires to be free. Freedom gives humans the opportunity to reach their highest potentials and to fulfill inner desires and dreams. However, people sometimes take advantage and abuse their individual freedom for selfish desires and intentions. Abuse of freedom may eventually lead to destruction and imbalance that will affect the society as a whole…. View Article

Civil service and economic freedom

Around a decade ago, Hong Kong became the hottest topic not because of some festival but rather due to a political event. On July 1, 1997, the sovereignty of Hong Kong was officially transferred to the People’s Republic of China from the United Kingdom. The Handover, as it is most often called, signaled the official… View Article

The Preservation of Freedom

This paper, using work from JP Sartre and Nikolai Berdyaev, will attempt a detailed explanation of existentialism relative to the formula, “existence before essence,” the defining creed, so to speak, of the existentialist movement. With Sartre, the central idea is freedom leads to torture and pain. For Berdyaev, creativity is the antidote to this pain…. View Article