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Are You Sure It’s Fat Free?

Despite the increasingly fashionable nature of new diet schemes such as the South Beach Diet and the Atkins diet, the most widespread and common form of nutrition planning among people is the adoption of low fat diets. Food manufacturers have attempted to address this by developing a wide range of reduced fat options into their… View Article

Forever Free Exhibit

Forever Free, an exhibit held at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California and inspired by Mr. Abraham Lincoln’s promotion and assertion of Emancipation Proclamation, is much related to the written account of Frederick Douglass’ “narrative of his life as an American black slave” with special regards and attention to its both focus and objectives…. View Article

No Such Thing As a Free Inquiry

Conservative columnist John Leo’s essay “Free Inquiry? Not On Campus” seems to shoot itself in the foot from the very beginning, hinging the entirety of his argument on what forms of speech censored (directly or indirectly) by colleges and universities would be allowable off of campus, according to the First Amendment. He goes so far… View Article

Free meals

When Socrates are given the chance to propose his own penalty, he asked that he be given free meals at the Prytaneum instead of asking to be exiled or for the imposition of a fine even though he knew very well that death sentence was very probable. He remains resolute that he had not committed… View Article

Free of Emotional and Familial Prison

When Henry, not his real name, was in prep school, he met just like everybody else a bully who would take his lunch box away from him. Given his somewhat resistive nature, he would refuse to give his lunch up, and would even dare to fight for it. However, because of his thin body and… View Article

Euroland food

In early January 2001, the senior-management committee of Euroland Foods was to meet to draw up the firm’s capital budget for the new year. Up for consideration were 11 major projects that totaled more than €316 million. Unfortunately, the board of directors had imposed a spending limit on capital projects of only €120 million; even… View Article