Fraud Essay Examples

Plutonium and Internet Start-Up Company

Plutonium and internet start-up company which was founded at the beginning of the technology boom was developing the technological systems necessary to support the rapidly expanding user base. Plutonium purchased an expensive and complex billing system to automate the billing of internet accounts using a credit card to integrate its system. Jonathan, the manager of… View Article

Differentiate between fraud and abuse

Fraud is any and all means a person uses to gain an unfair advantage over another person. In most cases, to be considered fraudulent, an act must involve: – A false statement (oral or in writing) – About a material fact – Knowledge that the statement was false when it was uttered (which implies an intent… View Article

Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme

Bernie Madoff was a legend on Wall Street. His success grew very quickly and he built a trading powerhouse named Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities that was founded in 1960. He enjoyed telling employees, peers, and friends that his enterprise started on the Pacific Ocean beaches in Long Beach, CA as a lifeguard. Madoff enjoyed… View Article

The Difficuly Finding the Meaning of Life

A sense of meaning is needed in humans or else we become discouraged and lost and can even end up looking for meaning in harmful ways. People who cannot find in meaning in their life are susceptible to cults and manipulation from others as well as depression. In J. D. Salinger’s novel the catcher in… View Article

Toll Fraud Schemes

Toll fraud is identified as the stealing of long distance call services by unknown third party hackers (Aginsky). The said call operators are after the money they can get from stealing and selling access to international calls. There are also instances that they are doing toll fraud schemes just for fun (Aginsky). It primarily uses… View Article

Business ethics

Introduction In recent years, accounting ethical breaches has emerged as a major problem for most organizations. With growth of businesses, the number of accounting ethical breaches has also increased. Accounting ethical breaches may be defined as the misappropriation and misconduct of financial data by the auditors and accountants of the company (Duska & Ragatz, 2011)…. View Article


In reading our textbook it reveals relevant facts that fraud invalidates a contract. “The existence of fraud disrupts the honesty of the unknowingly person’s permission/agreement to a contract. When a person unknowingly goes into a terms of a contract, the agreement normally can be avoided since he or she didn’t freely come to agreement with… View Article

Rough Draft

Imagine if someone is pretending to be you, using your credit card to indulge themselves in items that they would never be able to afford. Credit card fraud is far too common today, losing a wallet can mean losing your identity. A credit card can be a positive or negative thing, depending whose hands it’s… View Article

The Sky Is the Limit

This case takes place at Hardwell University and is a great example of the problems that can arise from someone given too much power. Dr. Reginald Lear took over as the School’s president and was offered a compensation package, which ranked highly for college presidents exceeding $700,000. This fraud was much different in how it… View Article

Chapter 5 Case Study 1

1. What do you think some possible drawbacks from recruiting from social network site might be? Some possible drawbacks from recruiting from social network site may be that it opens up the possibility for hackers to commit fraud and launch spam and virus attacks. It also can increases the risk of people falling prey to… View Article

Cookridge Ltd

Inkwell is a Public limited company and was established in 2003, seven years ago by two of its three controlling shareholders, Paul Farnon and Victoria Dawson. Two years ago Anil Gupta bought into the company and joined the board as Finance Director. The company has its head office and warehouse on the industrial estate in… View Article

Card Skimming

Credit Card Fraud is one of the biggest threats to business establishments today. Originally, credit cards simply carried raised numbers that were transferred to a carbon copy with a card-swiping machine. The merchant simply accepted any card presented. Spending limits and printed lists of lost/stolen cards were ineffective in preventing fraud and other financial losses…. View Article

Report on Financial Statement Fraud Scheme

Crazy Eddie Electronics Stores a chattered company, traded under the symbol CRXY on the New York Stock Exchange. The company was under management of Eddie Antar family from 1971 until 1987 when Oppenheimer-Palmieri Fund (OPF) took over the company as a result of proxy bid (Sanburn, 2012). After a very short time; however, Oppenheimer-Palmieri Fund… View Article

Fraud, Auditing & Internal Controls

Throughout the movie, Frank Abagnale Jr. has multiple pressures that cause him to commit fraud, opportunities to commit them and rationalizations about them. These three factors all end up causing him to commit the fraud and to escalate it, some more than others. Most of the pressures that Frank goes through in the movie would… View Article