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The creature not only has beautiful thoughts in this quotation but uses sensitive language: attracted, lovely, delight. However later on the creature explains that rage grasped hold of him as he realised that he would never enjoy her company. This explains that the creature is desperate to love someone, but because everyone treats him as… View Article

The monster also learns

The story of Frankenstein was written in the year 1818 by a very young woman called Mary Shelly, who wrote this as a horror story to entertain her husband. In the time this story was written, science was developing very rapidly. Many new things which were unheard of, like electricity, were being discovered. Some people… View Article

Mary Shelley

  I don’t think the reader feels sorry for Victor because if he hadn’t have rejected the monster in the first place he wouldn’t have been in that situation. In the era the book was written, people were beginning to question God’s existence. Should God be the only creator of life? Should the power of… View Article

The monster in Frankenstein

Frankenstein is a gothic horror novel written in 1816 by Mary Shelley. The book originally originated as a ghost story when Mary Shelley and her husband Percy Bysshe Shelley visited Lord Byron in Geneva. She later expanded on this and wrote the book Frankenstein, also known as “the modern Prometheus”, in just 9 months. The… View Article

Mary Shelley & ‘Frankenstein’

“How do the themes explored by Mary Shelley in ‘Frankenstein’ relate to a modern audience? ” The beginning of civilisation brought the evidential classification of people as insiders and outsiders in any close society, due to the narrow stereotypical minds of the masses and often the simplistic facts of life. People are separated from the… View Article

The miserable origin and author

This shows he is discriminating against him, as he just presumes him to be evil and wanting to harm him. However, his facial expression tells us that he reached out in search of companionship. Frankenstein then runs away from the monster and hides. Frankenstein reacts in this way, as he is prejudiced against him. His… View Article

The De Lacey family

with smiles and caresses. ” The creature was abandoned at birth, despised, lonely and beaten off by all who met him for his physical differences “his yellow skin scarcely covered the work of muscles and arteries beneath” his appearance turns out to be the cause of all his problems. People are frightened of him, which… View Article

The Darkness out there

  Both stories have a main purpose to deceive. This use of characterisation gives the stories an interesting twist. In ‘Frankenstein’ there are patterns in the language. There are many uses of the word hell in relation to the monster such as when Frankenstein describes him he describes the motions of the “monsters” joints as… View Article

Comparing the treatment of outsiders

  In The Outsiders, the book is constantly written in a first person perspective, where Ponyboy Curtis is telling the story. Unlike in Frankenstein, it is written in a far more informal manner and uses a lot of modern American slang. This because this book was written in the late 1960s whereas Frankenstein was written… View Article

The novel & Frankenstein

How does Shelley create sympathy for the Monster, as well as for Victor Frankenstein, in the novel, ‘Frankenstein’? Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, born 30th August 1797 was the anonymous writer who was idolised over due to her novel, ‘Frankenstein’. She was a literary icon in the romanticism era in the early 1800s. The globally famous novel… View Article

Mary Shelley present Frankenstein

‘Frankenstein’ was written in 1812 by a woman called Mary Shelley, at the age of 19, this shows that she is very intelligent because to write such a novel with so much understanding at a very young age shows that she was a dedicated female author who studied very hard. At first when I heard… View Article

The Creature Frankenstein

In the first part of the story, Elizabeth (an adopted daughter of Victor Frankenstein’s parents) falls ill with scarlet fever, which a deadly illness around the 18th and 19th century. Victor Frankenstein’s mother nurses Elizabeth, and she is cured; however Victor Frankenstein’s mother contracts the illness with fatal consequences. Victor Frankenstein is very upset especially… View Article

Victor Frankenstein

How does Mary Shelley influence the reader’s response to Victor Frankenstein and the monster in Volume 1, Chapter 5 and Volume 2, Chapter 3? ‘Fairer than a garden rose among dark-leaved brambles’ Mary Shelley, the author, had right from the beginning given the reader the impression that Victor only goes for the best, that he… View Article

Horror in Frankenstein

There are many forms of tension and horror in this novel. There is a monster, there’s grave robbing, the whole story is against religion and it is warning the reader that trying to play God can only have bad consequences. The novel is controversial in its content and it focuses on people’s prejudice and discrimination… View Article

Compare three stories of suspense

It tells the story of a man on a steam liner who unintentionally falls overboard whilst he is alone on the deck of the ship. This story, unlike the others, is written in the third person. This doesn’t greatly impinge on the whole impact of the story although it might be easier to envision yourself… View Article