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FrankenFish Essay

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The article “FrankenFish” is an article that expresses the pros and cons of the different impacts Genetically Engineered (GE) Salmon has on our health and environment. However, this particular article has a greater emphasis on cons rather than pros. According to the article GE Salmon has a negative effect on human health. Clearly, we see that it caused kidney impairment in rats fed with GE corn also there are skin and lung problems caused in mice fed with GE foods. Therefore, results in humans may not be very good.

GE Salmon may also have a negative impact on wild fish, as they will drive out the wild fish and rule out the fish by taking over food and habitat. However, the positive side of GE salmon is that it will be bigger in size and readily will be available in the food industry as they reproduce faster. The article also talks about how GE Salmon impacts the fishing communities and how it impacts our food system. In the article we are also told about the general ways in which GE Salmon may spread disease if they are released into the wild affecting the natural Salmon.

On the other hand the article also shows how Food and Drug Administration is about to approve AquaBounty’s (AB) idea of having GE Salmon. In the article it also states that this fish will be sold without any labels or notifications to show that it is genetically engineered Salmon. In conclusion we see from that article that many factors concerning Humans and the Environment are at risk rather than benefit by the approval of GE Salmon.

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