France Essay Examples

Euro Disney in Paris

From the back seat of my car, I looked on as the Mickey Mouse signs flew past my window. Up Mickey’s long drive we drove, many others joined us in our journey to Disney, like a group of small children flocking towards a melodic ice cream van. A large Mickey was visible in the distance… View Article

My holiday – i visited Paris

I visited Paris in France. When I there arrived I was astonished because the city seemed very modern ceque I did not await. She has seems very clean and she had aigalement a lot of different stores. On the way i?? mon hotel I traveled by the north of the France that seemed very silent…. View Article

Napoleon was successful because his enemies were incompetent

Napoleon was successful because his enemies were incompetent and divided. How far do you agree? Napoleon was one of the most successful military leaders Europe has ever seen; his leadership of the French army saw him control much of continental Europe. Napoleon’s enemies did give him a great advantage during his success through their incompetence… View Article

A fair assessment of Napoleon’s rise to power

“Napoleon came to power in France due to his skills as a soldier” To what extent is this a fair assessment of Napoleon’s rise to power. The statement: “Napoleon came to power in France due to his skills as a soldier”, can be said to be a fair evaluation of Napoleon’s rise to power only… View Article

To what extent and why did the impact of Napoleonic rule vary outside France?

Despite Napoleon’s later claim that he was attempting to export the French Revolution to the ‘less enlightened’ countries of Europe this claim must be looked at sceptically. It is also dangerous to generalise throughout the countries which fitted under the Napoleonic umbrella, especially when dealing with the traditional opinion that the level of impact varied… View Article

Functions of settlements

As early settlements grew in size, each one tended to develop a specific function or Functions. The function of a town relates to its economic and social development and refers to its main activities. There are problems in defining and determining a town’s main function and often, due to a lack of data such as… View Article

Was Napoleon a Dictator?

YES: Police and Prefects: Prefects were a form of secret police and were appointed by napoleon as first consul (mainly Nobles). They were seen as the eyes, ears and hands of government at a local level. Prefects had wide ranging duties including the collection of taxes, the control of prices and food supplies and the… View Article

Napoleons military success until 1808

To what extent was the strength of the French army the main reason for Napoleon’s military success until 1808? Throughout Napoleon’s early reign until 1808, it is undisputed that the French army enjoyed an unprecedented amount of success on the battlefield in its numerous campaigns against its foes. It is therefore astounding that following 1808,… View Article

Twentieth-Century art

In 1902 Boccioni left Rome to study the Impressionists in Paris; later, in 1904, he settled for some months in Russia with a family he had known in France. Through a trip to France in the autumn of 1911 Boccioni had become familiar with Cubist techniques. This new experience helped him to achieve a more… View Article

The federalist

If there would have been no credible arguments against the proposed constitution then there would have been no need for the intense material of The Federalist. And, if there would have been no Federalist then understanding the Constitution would have been significantly reduced. The Constitution is a concise manuscript which is not suitable for an… View Article

The Defeat of France

When the Germans started their massive attack on their opponents the strength of the two combatting armies were equal in terms of troop strength and tanks, but the Germans held an advantage in aircraft superiority. But the deciding factor for the Germans was the fact the they knew what they exactly wanted to achieve. The… View Article

17th Century France: Winners and Losers

The 17th century is identified as a colorful period in the history of France. This period is characterized by an imbalance of power and thus produced winners and losers.             Winners of the period include Louis XIV and Louvois. Louis XIV (1638-1715) increased royal power at home and French power abroad during the second half… View Article

The Struggles and the Victories of Modern France

Introduction Modern France has been a product of the historical struggles between the then prevailing Catholic Church and monarchy and the rising influence of intellectuals and revolutionaries. Pierre Birnbaum’s The Idea of France traces the roots of the modern French state and how the current status quo had been influenced by the ideological, political and… View Article

Should Vichy France be a badge of shame?

A week after signing the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact that divided Eastern Europe into the Nazi and the Soviet areas, Germany together with Soviet Union launched a massive attack on Poland on September 01 1939 entering in the north, the south and the west (Weisberg, 1997). This assault was then called the “September Campaign” and it marked… View Article

Was Louis XIV an effective ruler

Want an effective leader? Then Louis XIV would not be a great choice. I believe he is an ineffective leader because of a few reasons; one, he lost all four wars that he placed wages on, leading France to bankruptcy. Two, he failed at his goal of becoming the master of Europe. And third, because… View Article