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Fossil fuels Essay Examples

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“Fossil Fuels Improve the Planet” by Alex Epstein

Part 1: Graphical Representation Part 2: Summary of argument In the article “Fossil Fuels Improve the Planet” (Epstein, 2013), Alex Epstein’s main claim was that fossil fuels should be used without restriction as they provide reliable and affordable energy that improves the lives of mankind. Aiming to convince the reader fossil fuels should be freely…

Fossil Fuels and Alternative Energy Resource

Using the textbooks, the University Library, or other resources, answer each of the following questions in 150 to 200 words. 1. Select a fossil fuel. How is this fossil fuel used? What are the adverse effects on the environment? Orimulsion. This is a fossil fuel that has just began to become popular as recent as…

Fossil Fuels and Global Warming

The use of fossil fuels as the primary source of energy has unwittingly landed humanity into its greatest challenge yet. As oil and coal are burnt up, the greenhouse gases are causing the melting of polar ice, leading to a chain reaction that threatens every other aspect of the ecosystem. This paper looks at the…



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The Fossil Fuels

Fossil Fuels are a non-renewable energy source. They are found in Earth’s depositions made over millions and millions years ago and are called non-renewable because they can’t be used again once they are spent. There are three major forms of fossil fuels: coal, oil and natural gas. COAL Coal is made up of carbon, oxygen,…

Fossil fuels

Fossil fuels belong to non-renewable sources of energy that are accountable for giving the energy required around the world for many families and industrial facilities like electrical generators and others. Deposits of these kinds are generally found deep within the earth surface which is often needed to be mined. Fossil fuels are also rich in…

Fossil Fuels and Minerals

Fossil fuels are basically hydrocarbons that are found within the uppermost of the crust of the Earth. These fuels can come in different types which include volatile materials or substances with little carbon to hydrogen ratio such as liquid petroleum and methane as well as other non volatile substance or materials that are composed of…

Decreasing Fossil Fuels

Over the past century America has continuously used its own fossil fuel resources and paid handsomely for additional supplies, in the race to stay current with modern technology and life .The possession of this resource has made the United States a very prosperous and powerful nation. The same fossil fuels that’s has made America such…

From Fossil Fuels to Renewable Energy

The gas pump. As of late, it has been the bane of drivers everywhere. With the prices of crude oil skyrocketing combined with the prices at the pump and nearly everywhere else, many people are looking toward renewable energy sources to supplement or replace the use of fossil fuels. This interest in renewable resources has…

The Crisis with Fossil Fuels

Have you ever thought about where your electricity comes from? What the petroleum your car runs on is made of? What produces all the energy you see? Coal, oil, and natural gas make up the list of major fossil fuels. Almost all energy produced in the United States comes from burning these highly important fuels….

Nevada &import fossil fuels

I do not think that importation of fossil fuels can sustain the way of life of people Nevada for longer period of time. Firstly, the production of fossil fuels, as well as its use, has environmental disadvantages. As Nevada uses this kind of energy source, people will suffer from different ailments caused by the carbon…

Fossil Fuels

1) Oil is produced in Middle Eastern countries, Saudia Arabia accounting for 13.1 per cent of the world total, America 16.5 per cent and Africa 12.1 per cent. Although the Middle East has a lot of oil reserves not much is consumed. North America, Europe and Eurasia consume a lot of oil. This is due…

Can Hybrid Cars Reduce the Dependency on Fossil Fuels?

Can hybrid cars reduce the dependency on fossil fuels? Hybrid cars can reduce the dependency of fossil fuels because it would stand between the consuming world and its gas guzzling cars by replacing them with fuel efficient hybrid cars. Hybrid cars have lower level of gasoline consumption, therefore environmentally friendly causing less pollution then gasoline-…

Alternatives to fossil fuels

The conventional source of energy like coal, the petroleum, etc, will probably be exhausted up within a time that the humanity might foresee. In addition, according to Hordeski (2002), fossil fuels such as petroleum, natural gas, coal must be discovered and extracted before they can be conducive to mankind. This is a costly and time-consuming…

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