Formal letter for request sponsorhip Essay

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Formal letter for request sponsorhip

Good day! My name is Ang Teck Kui and I am a business student from ALC college, Klang is organizing a charity fundraising event for our final year project. I represent my team Raiser of Hope Carnival 2014 which is consists of 13 passionate business students from ALC College to write this letter to your esteemed organization to request for a sponsorship. We are given an opportunity by ALC College, Klang to organize this special event to help create awareness on social responsibility by companies and the public to the society. In addition, we as business students will be able to gain experience as business person through this project. The event that we have chosen is carnival and the details are as follows: Event Type: Charity Fund – Raising Carnival

Event Venue: SMK Tengku Ampuan Jemaah
No. 1, Jalan Pandamaran,
42000, Pelabuhan Klang,
Selangor, Malaysia
Event Date: 30th November 2014 (Sunday)
You can refer to our Sponsorship Benefits on our proposal to find out about the sponsorship benefits packages according to the amount sponsored. We accept sponsorship in both monetary value and as well as products by your company. We hope to receive a favourable reply form your good organization regarding the sponsorship. For further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me Ang Teck Kui at 016-9967729 or email me at [email protected] . Your organization kind support and assistance to our cause is greatly appreciated by our team.

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