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Forensic science Essay Examples

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Criminalistics: An introduction to forensic science

Generally, the techniques used in investigating crime should be reliable, accurate and evaluate every small detail in connection with the crime. As result, the investigators use the X- ray method which is used in the form of x- ray diffraction powder and it is highly used in a forensic laboratory (Saferstein, 2011). X-ray is an…

Forensic Science: Evolution and how it has helped to solve many infamous crimes

A murder mystery, an unidentified body, stab wounds to the chest, a pool of blood in a high end street in New York, photographers, police, investigators rush in to begin their course of work to solve the mystery of the dead body, to solve the puzzle, to tell the world the story of the dead…

Forensic Science Unit Two Text Questions

1. What is a questioned document? Describe at least one example of something that might be a questioned document. – A questioned document is when a handwritten or any other type written document is questioned by its authenticity. A great example would be a passport. 2. What is an exemplar? What are the best types…



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Forensic Science

1. How are fire scenes different than regular crime scenes for investigators? Fire scenes are different than regular crime scenes because the evidence that was at the scene of the crime is most likely burned and destroyed, also the individual who committed the crime is not at the crime scene usually. This makes it hard…

Forensic Science

1. What is a comparison microscope? What are the advantages of this microscope? A comparison microscope combines two microscopes into one module. This helps the viewer see what is under each of the lenses at the same time. 2. What are the three substances that generally make up paint? Describe each part. The three substances…

Forensic Science Section

1. Where is Herculaneum located? What happened to the city? It was an ancient Roman island, near Pompeii. It stood in the shadow of an active volcano, which destroyed the island’s life form. 2. Why is Herculaneum important to archeology today? It is important because unlike other ancient cities, it was better preserved so they can…

The History of Forensic Science

Law Enforcement has used forensic science for years to help solve puzzling crimes. But not to many people know just how long the art of forensic science has been around. For example evidence of fingerprints were found in paintings and prehistoric rock carvings made by humans. The Chinese have probably used forensics much longer than…

Police and Forensic Science Technician

I am majoring in the criminal justice because I am very interested in many aspects of the field. I have a few career aspirations, although I do not know which one or ones to pursue , I do know that no matter which I choose I will be using a lot of the information gained…

The Role of Criminal Investigation in Forensic Science

When it comes to investigating crime, no matter the level of severity, nothing is more valuable to a criminal investigator than the use and implementation of forensic science. The results of such forensic investigations can be the difference between acquittal and conviction in a court of law. The single best aid that forensic scientists use…

Forensic Science Module

1. DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid refers to the molecules that carry our genetic information. DNA can be found in blood, skin cells, tissues, muscles, bones, teeth, hair, and saliva. 2. Mitochondrial DNA is DNA that can be inherited from one’s mother and is found outside of the cell nucleus. 3. CODIS is a software program…

Forensic Science

Review Questions 1.​ What are the four types of evidence in a criminal investigation? The four types of evidence is physical evidence, documentary evidence, demonstrative evidence and testimony. 2.​ What are individual characteristics? Give an example of an individual characteristic? Individual characteristics are properties associated with a common source to a high degree of certainty. An example…

Forensic Technician

Primarily employed by government agencies, forensic technicians apply scientific principles in laboratories or in fields. Indoors, forensic technicians analyze and test evidence from crime scenes by applying a variety of methods to help investigations. Outdoors, they gather evidence and assist criminal investigations. They also provide testimonies on their findings in court. Typical Day On a…

Lab Questions Forensic Science

1. What is the crime that the video focuses on? The crime that the video focuses on is the kidnapping and death of Charles Lindbergh Jr. 2. What evidence did investigators have about the crime in the 1930s? A homemade ladder left by the perpetrator, it was 8-10 at night when the crime occurred, nobody…

Final Assignment: Case Study

1. What were the main challenges facing investigators who were collecting evidence in the case? Give specific examples of these challenges. There were several challenges that faced investigators, but the root of all these issues was jurisdiction. Every agency has their own team of investigators, their own protocol, and their own responsibilities and agendas. When…

Becoming a Crime Scene Technician

Ever since I was a little girl I always thought about what I wanted to do when I was older. I wanted to be a doctor or a veterinarian just like most children wanted to be. As I grew up and matured I started thinking about what occupations really interested me. At first I thought…

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