Forensic science Essay Examples

Forensic Pathologist

In legal cases involving a dead body that has died of unnatural causes, such as homocide or suicide, a forensic pathologist, also known as a medical examiner is called in. The medical examiner’s main job is to perform an autopsy on the victim of any unnatural form of death. Many forensic pathologists also have been… View Article

The Computer Forensics Investigator Career

The career of a computer Forensics Investigator is that of a specially trained professional who works with various law enforcement agencies as well as private firms to retrieve information from computers and other types of data storage devices. Computers and equipment can often be damaged externally as well as internally corrupted by hacking or viruses…. View Article

Personal statement for PhD in forensic science

My interest in Forensic Science was developed primarily in my undergraduate years and was strengthened during the initial stages of my Master’s Degree in Molecular Biology. While I was still working on my undergraduate degree, I became fascinated with chemistry and how the science can be used in many practical applications for a variety of… View Article

Becoming a Crime Scene Technician

Ever since I was a little girl I always thought about what I wanted to do when I was older. I wanted to be a doctor or a veterinarian just like most children wanted to be. As I grew up and matured I started thinking about what occupations really interested me. At first I thought… View Article

Final Assignment: Case Study

1. What were the main challenges facing investigators who were collecting evidence in the case? Give specific examples of these challenges. There were several challenges that faced investigators, but the root of all these issues was jurisdiction. Every agency has their own team of investigators, their own protocol, and their own responsibilities and agendas. When… View Article

Forensic Technician

Primarily employed by government agencies, forensic technicians apply scientific principles in laboratories or in fields. Indoors, forensic technicians analyze and test evidence from crime scenes by applying a variety of methods to help investigations. Outdoors, they gather evidence and assist criminal investigations. They also provide testimonies on their findings in court. Typical Day On a… View Article