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Foreign language Essay Examples

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Foreign Language Instruction Should Begin in Kindergarten

       A foreign language is a language spoken in another country and is indigenous to that country. In many nations around the word there has been interest to initiate foreign language in Kindergarten before the kids joins primary school (Hawkings,1996).From the past experiences, there has always been frequently asked question whether the foreign…

Technology as a Facilitator in the English as a Foreign Language

Technology has taken over most areas of our lives including schools. Specifically, the arrival of the internet changed the way that language is taught thanks to the possibility of communicating throughout the world and because of the many sources online. This essay will deal with different aspects of computers and internet in the process of…

Learning foreign language

Over the past two decades, countries in the world have become more and more interdependent and new technologies have erased many existing borders. So, learning English is very importance to economic development, Academic benefit to students, cultural understanding, expand relationships, and get better job. Learning Foreign Language Outline I. Introduction Thesis statement: Learning Foreign Language…



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The importance of studying foreign languages

Languages by definition can be classified as a communication among human beings that is characterized by the use of arbitrary spoken or written symbols with agreed-upon meanings. More broadly, language may be defined as a communication in general: it is regarded by some linguists as a form of knowledge, that is , of thought or…

Mother Tongue and Foreign Language Learning

These five basic theories are, furthermore, very much complementary to each other, serving different types of learners or representing various cases of language learning. They must not automatically make us presume that first and second language learning are identical or alike processes, though second language learning is strongly tied up with first language acquisition. Obviously,…

Origin and Development of Applied Linguistics

“Applied linguistics is not a discipline which exists on its own. It is influenced by other disciplines and influences them as well. It is a two-way process. For this reason, applied linguistics examines theories from all sorts of different areas (semantics, syntax, pragmatics, sociolinguistics,…) and from all sorts of perspectives so that it help find…

Foreign Language Instruction Should Begin In Kindergarten

For years it was thought that learning foreign language is getting more and more important because of the globalization. In order to acquire a new language as soon as possible, amounts of parents would like to let their children begin to learn new languages in kindergarten. There are many positive effects if people learn foreign…

Grammar Translation Method Overview

According to Fromkin (2011), grammar translation is a technique or method of second-language learning in which the student memorizes words and syntactic rules and translates them between the native language and target language. In other words, grammar translation method is a foreign language teaching that requires students to translate words and memorize. The goal is…

Learning a Foreign Language

What’s the best age to learn a new language? researchers say that you shouldn’t wait too long before introducing a baby to foreign languages. According to the critical period hypothesis, there’s a certain window in which second language acquisition skills are at their peak. Researchers disagree over just how long that window is — some…

Foreign Language Learning and Inclusion

In her article, Foreign Language Learning and Inclusion: Who? Why? What? And How? , Hilary McColl presents some interesting arguments about both the usefulness and the practicality of enacting a full foreign language program for students with disabilities. The article is interesting in many respects, but mainly because of the fact that it addresses so…

Foreign Language and English

Nowadays, almost six thousands languages are spoken in different countries. And unfortunately, half of them are in danger of defunctness. Certainly, the disappearance of a language can be attributed to the system of communication. However, one can say that it is a loss of culture and expression of human experience. According to Baldwin (2006) “foreign…

Should Foreign Language Learning Be Compulsory in Uzbekistan

Should foreign language learning be compulsory in Uzbekistan. English is wide spreded all over the the world. That is why in many country it is added for curriculm as a second and foreign language. Each educational institution has it’s special curriculm that specialized for different profession. But in every where foreign languages are tought as…

English as a Foreign Language

The resources chosen for this exercise are a song and a series of related pictures. The pictures are images that contain science fiction-like elements which would be of interest to this elementary group within the demographic of 20 to 45 years. The lesson created for the students using these materials appeals to the development of…

Internet and foreign language education

A new technology has surfaced and now it has caught the imagination of millions of people on this planet. Surfing through it, the internet has put everybody eager to explore more of it and to become a real part of it. The effects of this technology have permeated both small and large establishments, schools, universities,…

Fluency in a Foreign Language

Thesis: Fluency in a foreign language should be required for all students before graduation from high school. Introduction: In a world of advancing technology and higher education, it is imperative that students take the time to develop unique talents and skills in order to gain a competitive edge over the average individual. I. Fluency in…

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