Football Essay Examples

Areas for improvement for Football

I watched a football match that was Pendle Vale vs Marsden Heights. I observed the match and saw many areas for improvement. These are some of the things that could be improved Set Pieces – To improve Pendle vale’s set pieces, I felt they needed to be more precise and accurate as the ball was… View Article

Football player

The amount of extra oxygen required by muscle tissue during recovery from vigorous exercise. The extra oxygen gets rid of the lactic acid in your muscles after exercise. Difference between Aerobic and Anaerobic Training The main difference between aerobic and anaerobic training is that one uses oxygen whilst the other uses lactic acid. Aerobic training… View Article

Personal exercise plan For a football player

A defender playing football has to have different requirements, these are as follows: Reaction time- a defender needs a good reaction time because when he receive s he ball he has to immediately take control and find a team player to which he can safely pass to. Flexibility- a defender needs good flexibility so he… View Article

Role of a footballer

In this essay I am going to explain why Peter Kay/John Smiths adverts are so successful? John smiths bitter was very successful without the adverts the adverts have made it more well known. The adverts started by a famous comedian Jack Dee the adverts went so well they had a cardboard cut out of Jack… View Article

Exercise Plan for Football Players

Football, being a very energetic sport, means the players should stay fit and healthy. To do this they have a specific exercise plan, this will ensure that the players will not get tired throughout the ninety minute game. In this assignment I am going to devise a possible exercise and fitness plan for this sport…. View Article

PE coursework: football

Football is the most widely played team game in the world and the most popular spectator sport, followed avidly by millions of fans. It is an eleven a side field game played with a spherical ball. The object of the game is to score more goals than your opponents by propelling the ball into the… View Article

Local and National provision of Football

The Football Foundation brings together The F.A, Premier League and Government in a partnership for its funding at grassroots level. This body is designed to fund development of children’s football to help them recognise their sporting potential. The F.A put �7million into the Foundation, with the sum certain to rise significantly in the future. The… View Article

Football Hooliganism

How football hooliganism has developed over the years and how the efforts to stop it have changed. Introduction and planning Football hooliganism is acts of violence, racism, taunting and vandalism committed by people around football events and during games. These have detrimental effects of the game often giving it bad publicity, but it is not… View Article

Local National Provision: Football

When looking at local provisions for entry into football there are various ways to do this, these may include Sunday league football, schools and local parks. One aspect of getting involved with football may be going and playing with family or friends and when doing this on a regular basis will improve skills. Watching others… View Article

The History of the Football

The Football Association began on October 26th 1863 when a meeting of leading clubs and school teams decided they should compile a set of official rules, which everyone should play by; therefore making the state of play the same throughout England. This meeting took place in the Freemason’s Tavern in Great Queen Street, London, where Barnes,… View Article

Moscow Dynamo Football

Many people would argue that sport helps ‘bring people together’ and helps overcome divisions of race, nationality, class and religion. The Soviets drew upon this ideal in 1984 when they called the Moscow games, the ‘friendship games.’ As well as ‘bringing people together,’ sport can just as easily raise political consciousness and force people apart…. View Article

Football Academies Child protection

Key factors of an enhanced Centre of Excellence and Football Academies Child protection All staff to be screened and registered Each centre to designate a member of staff responsible form child Protection and awareness training Development of child protection policy Limitation on numbers of Centres of excellence per club Grievance procedure Agreed football calendar including 36 in-service training for all staff Staff to be… View Article

A football match review

My piece of coursework is a football match review. The score line is fictional for dramatic effect. Such an article would be traditionally found in the back pages of a tabloid newspaper, such as The Sun or The Daily Mail. The analysis is of a crunch match, which will decide the victor of the Premiership…. View Article

Tangerine: association football and paul

The book that I have chosen for my book report is called Tangerine. The author that wrote this really great book is called Edward Bloor. He has written many books like Crusader, Story Time, and London Calling and many more. The genre of this book is a Juvenile Fiction, or a middle grade novel. I… View Article