Foods Essay Examples

Four foods common throughout Mexico

Corn, and corn tortillas in particular, are common throughout all of Mexico. Corn tortillas are considered the “bread” of Mexican culture. Beans are almost always served as a side dish with all meals. Chilies, squash and tomatoes are all indigenous foods that thrive in the arid regions and are used for flavoring and as side… View Article

Genetically Modified

Genetic modification of organisms in a general is a biotechnological process that forces genes to behave according to certain characteristics. Changing characteristics of organisms is based on changing their DNA. It is being used for modifying genes in plants, animals or micro-organisms. One of the places it is often used is with food, in order… View Article

Genetically Foods

Genetically-modified foods (GM foods) have made a big splash in the news lately. European environmental organizations and public interest groups have been actively protesting against GM foods for months, and recent controversial studies about the effects of genetically-modified corn pollen on monarch butterfly caterpillars1, 2 have brought the issue of genetic engineering to the forefront… View Article

Bridgford Foods

Bridgford Foods is known as a small, publicly traded company of the food industry. Clients of Bridgford Foods have a relatively high inherent risk. The operation of the said industry is subject to various risks, such as adverse changes in the general economic conditions, the evolution of consumer preferences, nutritional and health-related concerns, the inspections… View Article

Benefits And Risks Of Bioengineered Foods

Millions of people worldwide have consumed foods derived from genetically engineered foods— from cereals, breads, soybeans but still there were no facts and figures if these foods have unfavourable effects to human. In relation, this short research will look into the risks and possibilities of bioengineered foods while answering the question “Are genetically engineered foods… View Article

Mexican and Italian foods

Many Mexican and Italian foods are very similar and still, the prepared dishes of each country have very distinct and bold flavors. Both countries use meats, grains, and produce that are grown locally to prepare their meals. However, Italian foods are regional and Mexican food is native to the whole country. Many of the spices… View Article

Foods Market

For months, Whole Foods Market and its legal team have waged a very public battle against the Federal Trade Commission’s charges that the high-end grocer’s 2007 merger with Wild Oats Markets violated antitrust laws. The court fight started in June 2007 when FTC lawyers first tried to prevent the merger by filing suit in the… View Article