Fluid Essay Topics

Fluid Dynamics of Fires

a). From the definition of pressure P, it can be expressed as, P= F/A, where F is the applied force and A is the cross sectional area of the surface of the material. Since the hydraulic cylinder has two radial cylinders the pressure at each cylinder can be expressed as taking the subscripts 1 &… View Article

Forced Convection (in a cross flow heat exchanger)

The aim of this lab is to determine the average convective heat transfer coefficient for forced convection of a fluid (air) past a copper tube, which is used as a heat transfer model. Introduction The general definition for convection may be summarized to this definition “energy transfer between the surface and fluid due to temperature… View Article

Frictional loss in pipe

Abstract The main aim of this experiment was to show how the friction factor varies with Reynolds number by manipulating the flow rate of the fluid in a pipe. The main principle used in the experiment was the Bernoulli’s equation, taking major head losses into account. These major head losses were normally due to wall… View Article

Measurement of fluid properties

In this course, you will conduct the experiments at the Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, by yourselves, without any help or instruction from the teaching assistants. You must read the lab sheet thoroughly and understand what you are expected to do (and why) for each experiment, before coming to the lab. At the end of each experiment,… View Article