Flight Essay Examples

First flight

First flight The warm wind blows past me. Only two colours can be seen in all directions. The bright blue of the mid day sky and the bronze, bare earth carrying on for miles. Across the endless plains are plants speckled by plants that look more like scattered ants from here. I close my eyes… View Article

Lighting a cigarette

Girlish looking woman, in her late twenties, a little overweight, lost in thought. She is wearing jeans, a white jumper and trainers. Her dark hair is tied back. Scene is set up in the upper right stage corner. It is an airport arrivals lounge. There is luggage around her. She is nervously lighting a cigarette…. View Article

Is conflict a key aspect of family life?

Conflict is indeed a key aspect of family life. It happens on a daily basis in almost every home in the country; even the Waltons had conflict with each other. I have the view that conflict is a corner stone of our life; it can help bring us together, not just drive us apart. During… View Article

Light in August

William Faulkner’s celebrated novel Light in August says the tale of an orphan Joe Christmas, who has an unknown or doubtful ancestry who considers himself to be part-black. The novel includes excellent themes that involve issues of gender, race, community and religion. The capture of the racist identity and the portrayal of Calvinistic religion are… View Article

Evolution of Insect Flight

Insect flight has always been a mystery to us. Today, several points are strongly taken into consideration on the evolution of flight. One is the development of wings from passive structures, giving rise to lobes that are used in gliding and in general, for passive flight. Another is the proposition that wings are initially mobile… View Article