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  • SOCI 1301_12-14_LECTURE

    Saadawi recalls her experience of ---------- when at at age 6, she was awakened in the night and dragged to the bathroom, her legs were pride apart, and her clitoris was cut off. Chapter 12, pg 447 Female circumcision (genital cutting): The removal of a woman's sexually sensitive clitoris Under… View Article

  • Globalization

    Globalization definition social process involving breaking down of geographical barriers to economic, political, and cultural activity, and people's awareness that these barriers are breaking down and their tendency to act accordingly Three examples of economic activity due to globalization 1. You buy stock online for a Brazilian company 2. A… View Article

  • Chapter 4

    Technologies International​ travel, communications, and commerce have been made faster and less costly due to which of the​ following? A. Technologies B. Currency C. Trade agreements D. Multinationals European Union​ (EU) The largest free marketplace in the world is which of the​ following? A. South America B. North America C.… View Article

  • Economic Globalization

    Why do companies choose to outsource work? to increase profits What is the primary purpose of the European Union? to allow more trade between countries The graph below shows global trade and percentage of GDP. What conclusion should be drawn from the graph? Trade increases create higher GDP percentage rates.… View Article

  • Geography core concepts 6

    Characteristics of a village work together, interdependent, form alliances to help/defend,connected In what ways does improved communication and transportation affect global trade? makes it easier, more effective and efficient how has globalization affected the world? ... How is todays world more like a village than in earlier times? ... Humanitarian… View Article

  • Chapter 18 Globalization

    Globalization is characterized by increased cross-boarder flow of trade in goods, services and financial assets, along with an increased international mobility of technology, information and individuals. Globalization is not new -trade based on comparative advantage raises living standards. People have been trying to trade since primitive. -between WW1 and WW2… View Article

  • Chapter 4 Intro to Management

    Globalization The extent to which trade and investments, information, ideas, and political cooperation flow between countries. global mindset The ability to appreciate and influence individuals, groups, organizations, and systems that represent different social, cultural, political, institutional, intellectual, and psychological characteristics. Global Mindset : cognitive dimension knowing about the global environment… View Article

  • Chapter one

    Mne A firm that engages in foreign direct investments Purchasing power parity is A conversion that determines the equivalent amount of goods and services that different currencies can buy What is an important reason to study global business -Competence in interacting with foreign suppliers, customers and partners -Expatriate assignments -Advance… View Article

  • Economic Globalization Wrld Hist 1 answer keys

    In countries such as China, globalization has led to a better standard of living. Trade blocs help countries by increasing barriers to trade. What are the purposes of international economic organizations? Check all that apply. -to resolve trade disputes -to observe the global economy -to promote fair and successful trade… View Article

  • MIS Exam One

    True T/F All organizations should have a business continuity plan. Hot site The most expensive backup strategy is: True T/F With correct business - IT alignment, the IT department directly supports the business objectives of the organization. False T/F The majority of companies have excellent business - IT alignment. Increasing,… View Article

  • Economic Globalization Wrld Hist 1 by Paulina Bui

    Words to Know -Integrate -globalization -interdependence -multinational coporation -outsourcing Globalization Globalization is the process of countries becoming more connected over time. The results are: -greater interdependence between countries -larger markets for goods and services. Global Communcation & Business The internet allows instant business communication worldwide. This information allows people to:… View Article

  • What is Globalization?

    globalization increasing interconnectedness of people and places through converging processes of economic, political, and cultural change. beginning of globalization 1970's, world economic slowdown, global market opened up, shift in how global business is done. different speed and intensity of interconnectedness economic characteristic of globalization increasing international corporations, call centers, increased… View Article

  • BUS Final Test 2

    an example of globalization of "production" is Toyota opening a factory in Kentucky A term that describes the movement of production away from a domestic production site to a foreign location is offshore outsourcing All of the following contribute to accelerating globalization EXCEPT ________. a rise in multinational enterprises if… View Article

  • Sociology Chapter 14 Capitalism and the Economy

    what is the name of the economic system that developed along with the Agricultural revolution and Industrial revolution in Europe? capitalism in a capitalist economic system, the price and distribution of goods and services are determined by what? competition agricultural revolution was spurred on by new innovations such as: crop… View Article

  • Aphg religion

    The maps in this chapter indicate that in Austria and the South Pacific Less than half the people are Protestant Judaism is classified as an ethnic rather than a universalizing religion primarily because It's rituals derive from agricultural cycle in Israel What penalty was imposed by the Taliban in Afghanistan… View Article