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Einstein Flashcards Essay Examples

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WH – Chapter 31.1 – Years of Crisis – Section 1 – Postwar Uncertainty

Albert Einstein A German-born physicist offered startling new ideas on space, time, energy, and matter. Scientists had found that light travels at exactly the same speed no matter what direction it moves in relation to earth Theory of relativity In 1905, Einstein theorized that while the speed of light is constant, other things that seem…

Mental and Emotional Health

adjustment disorder Depression or anxiety developed in response to a stressful situation. agoraphobia Fear of open spaces Alzheimer’s A form of dementia Dementia Loss of memory and a decrease in other thought processes. Which of the following factors can affect mental health? -physical well-being -chemical imbalance -physical characteristics of the brain -drugs Individuals with distorted…

Unit 3

Who was John Cage? – 1912-1992 – A composer, a radical, and a philosopher – 1940s: Experimentation (electronics, toy piano, etc…) – 1950s: Chance music (“aleatoric” or “aleatory” music) – Williams Mix: 192 page score of random sounds – 4’33”: silence Who was Milton Babbitt? – 1916-2011 – Philomel (1964): one of the first compositions…



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SOC/3/27/14 chapter 31 section 1

Why were the ideas of Einstein and Freud revolutionary? Peoples uncertainty and the unknown started to be answered with changed the world in that people believed in science father then faith. How did literature in the 1920s reflect the uncertainty of the period? The brutality of WW1 caused writers to question accepted ideas about reason…

Mental and Emotional Health

adjustment disorder depression or anxiety developed in response to a stressful situation agoraphobia fear of open spaces Alzheimers a form of dementia anxiety nervousness arachnophobia fear of spiders claustrophobia fear of closed spaces dementia less of memory and a decrease in other thought processes depression mental illness characterized by sadness manic-depressive a mental illness characterized…

Chapter 5.3 Study guide

Wavelength The distance between two crests Amplitude The wave’s height from zero to the crest Frequency The number of wave cycles to pass a given point per unit of time Hertz The units of frequency are usually cycles per second. The Si unit of cycles per second is called a Constant The product of wavelength…

Chemistry- The Modern Atomic Theory

This flow chart shows the amount of energy that is emitted by each type of light. ultraviolet > blue light > yellow light > red light (maximum energy) (minimum energy) In an experiment, shining which type of light on a strip of metal would be least likely to produce the photoelectric effect? bright red light…

Physics 35 questions

If you walk at 1 km/h down the aisle toward the front of a train that moves at 60 km/h, what is your speed relative to the ground? 61 km/h In the preceding question, is your approximate speed relative to the Sun as you walk down the aisle of the train changed slightly or by…

Chapter 1 practice Quiz

Social media Is incorporated as part of a political strategy by many politicians Web 2.0 has led to a shift from just consuming content toward Producing content Examples of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing include Kickstart and mobile voice Being computer literate includes being able to Avoid spam, adware, and spyware. Use the web effectively. Diagnose and…

ch. 13 psych

50% Studies have shown that the Big Five personality factors have _____ heritability across several cultures. Environment, behavior, and personal factors. Bandura’s concept of reciprocal determinism consists of: Social cognitive One way in which the ___ view differs from psychoanalytic theory is that it can be and has been tested under scientific conditions. Rotter’s Social…

Einstein 360

Name 9 different ways you can pull up a customer. Phone Number; Account number; ticket number; First and Last name; Address; Email address/username; mac address; Previous Accounts Name the options that are always available on the top black panel. Account Lookup, End Conversation, CTI On/Off, Hello Agent drop down, Notifications What is Einstein 360? A…

Philip Glass Knee Play 1 from Einstein On The Beach

In the opera Einstein on the beach, the character of Einstein never sings, but plays the violin Minimalism is characterized by brief ideas repeating and varying incrementally over a long span of time “Knee Play 1” is written for electric organ and mixed vocal ensemble and female speakers Glass wanted the audience of Einstein on…

Cultural and Intellectual Trends

Which aspect of the postwar era did jazz’s liveliness, looseness, and improvisation most reflect? disillusionment This is Salvador Dalí’s The Persistence of Memory. Which statement best describes how this image reflects Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity? Perception of time is not universal. What version of reality did Pablo Picasso and other cubists represent in their…

Cultural and Intellectual Trends

In the postwar era, the increased availability and affordability of cars most facilitated which social change? the growth of suburbs Which type of therapy did Sigmund Freud introduce? psychoanalysis This is Salvador Dalí’s The Persistence of Memory. Which statement best describes how this image reflects Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity? Perception of time is not…

Cultural and Intellectual Trends:Pre-Test

Which best describes many of the postwar era’s writers and their works? pessimistic Which social changes occurred after World War I? Check all that apply. -increased mobility through technology -new roles for women -Breaks with tradition Between 1910 and 1930, what was the approximate increase in US homes with electricity? 55% The term_________ was used…

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