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  • History of Rhetoric-Renaissance

    Renaissance rhetoric Created by numerous individual contributions, such as Trapezuntius's incorporation of Greek rhetoric, Valla's critique of Aristotelian logic, Agricola's use of the topics to analyze classical literature, and Erasmus's exercises in the possibilities of expression. Themes of Renaissance Rhetoric The consequences of greater knowledge of ancient literature and the… View Article

  • cicero background

    when and where was cicero born Arpinum(nearly 60 miles from Rome,eastern Latium,in valley of the river Liris),Jan 3 106 BC why did the family move to Rome during C's childhood better education-best advantages of Rome during what war did Cicero serve in the army social war what is the Latin… View Article

  • Organized and Consensual Crime, Mid-term review, Chp. 3

    Irish By most accounts, this was the first major immigrant group to enter the United States. Urban politics became the route for Irish immigrants to follow to attain local power and upward mobility. In most cases, this person was closely affiliated with corner taverns and often some aspects of criminality.… View Article

  • Business thought

    Moral Law Strategic planning and capturing plan Heaven Proposal operating environment: timeline/schedule earth proposal operating environment: logistics/tools/resources the commander manager with knowledge method and discipline well trained employees What are the five constant factors of the art of war according to Sun Tzu and how might they apply to business?… View Article

  • AP Art History Gallery 6

    Ara Pacis Augustae Set: Pax Romana (13 BCE) Function: to celebrate the establishment of Roman rule in the provinces of Gual (France) and Hispania (Spain/Portugal). Triumphant of Augustus's return to Rome Content: imagery of Augustus' family Focus: allegorical/symbolic to establishment of peace and prosperity. In original setting, it would have… View Article

  • Chapter 13 Section 2

    What is a mosaic? a design formed with small tiles of glass, stone, or pottery What was different between Greek and Roman sculptures? Greeks made their sculptors idealized their subjects, or made them look like ideal people. They're sculptures were young and beautiful people. Romans showed them how they were… View Article

  • COM 335 Key Terms

    BANK WIRING ROOM Between 1927 and 1932, a series of studies was carried out in Western Electric's Hawthorne plant in Chicago. The aim of the studies was to tell management about the sources of employee satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Two major findings emerged from the series of studies: 1. The "Hawthorne… View Article

  • Julius Caesar Act I and II

    Explain the image of the climber on the ladder The image itself is a man at the top of a ladder, literally in the clouds, with everyone else at the bottom of the ladder. The man at the top represents Caesar, as he has the most power. Brutus is worried… View Article

  • cicero quotes

    To Atticus, 56bc, about palinode I have nibbled enough at the bitter pill, and must now swallow it. To Atticus, 56bc, about palinode Since the powerless do not want to be my friends i must make sure that the powerful are! To Rufus, 50bc, about Cilicia My province bores me… View Article

  • Cicero and common good

    What are the 4 constructional agencies and their counterparts Wise men-reason, men of less understanding-experience, most ignorant-necessity, beasts-nature Why do animals have no law They dont have reason and the natural law refers to humans What 4 examples does cicero give of an irresponsible government Tyranny, slavery, war, mass murder… View Article

  • Julius Caesar

    In scene one, what do Flavius and Marcellus want the commoners to do? Break up and go back to work. Not honor Caesar What is the Soothsayer's advice to Caesar? Beware the Ides of March Explain the difference between the views of Caesar held by Cassius and Brutus. Cassius is… View Article

  • Julius Caesar Review

    At the beginning of Act One, Roman citizens are celebrating Caesar's recent victories True A soothsayer tells Caesar that the ides of March will bring him good luck False Caesar is offered the crown three times but rejects it each time True Mark Antony is the leading schemer against Caesar… View Article

  • Deleted

    Cicero et Tiro fuerunt Romani clari, alter maximus orator totius italiae alter servus fidus. Quod tiro diligentia sapientiaque ciceroni magnum auxilium dabat Cicero eum toto corde amabat et postea liberavit. Neutri gratum erat sine altero ullum iter facere. Cicero and tiro were famous romans the one the greatest orator of… View Article


    Which of the following is NOT one of Machiavelli's tips on how to avoid being hated? 1) The price should not be indecisive. 2) The prince should never use violence. 3) The prince should appear to be religious, but not actually be religious. 4) The prince should appear to be… View Article

  • Julius Caesar

    JC DOB & TOD 100 - 44 bc Caesar's main contribution to society modern day calendar author of JC shakespeare first play to be performed in Globe theater JC yr. JC was performed 1599 shakespere put research into plays shakespere put research into plays popular playwrites that were influenced by… View Article