Flame Test Essay

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Flame Test

1. An AM radio station broadcasts at a wavelength of 0.500 kilometers. Microwaves can have a wavelength of 12 cm. A fire place can give off photons with a wavelength of 1.5 x 10-3 millimeters and the X-rays used in a dentist’s office have a wavelength of 2.1 x 10-11 meters. Ultraviolet rays, the ones that give you sunburn or fade the colors of clothes have a wavelength of about 3.0 x 10-7 meters. From this data, what can you conclude about the energy of a photon with respect to its wavelength?

Ans: Photons given off by the fire place has the shortest wavelength of 1.5×10-3 millimeters compared to the other wavelengths. As a result it will have the highest energy and highest frequencies compared to the other wavelengths.

2. The colors of the rainbow are given by the acronym ROYGBIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). If I tell you that sunlight passed through a prism will separate into colors by bending the red light the least, tell me what color of the rainbow is the most energetic color.

Ans: Violet is the most energetic color on the spectrum because it has a shortest wavelength, highest frequency and greatest ability to bend after passing through the prism.

3. When the copper solution was heated in the flame, you saw a bluish green color. Explain how you might experimentally show if only one wavelength of light is being emitted, or if the green color results from a mixture of light of various wavelengths.

Ans: We can experimentally let the light to pass through a prism which will allow us to see whether copper solution is blue, green or both colors as the prism will be able to separate the two colors as they bend differently according to their wavelengths .If it’s one color we will see it after passing through the prism and if it’s both colors will know the which one of them has the shortest wavelength and bends greater.

4. We are told that excited hydrogen atoms emit red, green, blue and violet light. However, when you observe a hydrogen lamp, it appears red to the naked eye. Explain why you might not see the other colors.

It appears red to the naked eye because among all the colors in hydrogen red has the longest wavelength ,low frequency and low energy and it is noted to have a 656nm on the absorption hydrogen spectrum it covers most the space hence the red color is what we see.

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