Fishing Essay Examples

Young’s Modulus of Fishing Lines

Introduction In this assessment, I am going ‘to explore the properties of fishing line which are considered by manufacturers when designing them.’1 Investigation I am going to be concentrating on the types of fishing line used. I am going to measure the Young’s Modulus of each line to determine their tensile strength and resistance to… View Article

Descriptive Paragraph

One of the things that I treasure in summertime is my weekends. I start my day early, getting ready to ride in my boyfriend’s car, to pick up the boat from a friend. The boat is a camouflaged, flat bottom, twelve feet long; spray painted on one side is the name for the boat “Esox… View Article

Value of Common Sense

Common sense, a mere adaptation on one’s way of thinking and acting. It is described as the knowledge and judgment that most people already have or should have. Many people generalise certain acts as an inconsideration for common sense. In my short period of existence, I can certainly say that the practice of this concept… View Article

Fly Fishing and Spin Fishing

Fly Fishing and Spin Fishing are fishing methods used by hobbyist to catch fish. Both types are considered as Angling. Angling is a type of fishing that uses angles or a hook. Anglers are considered as fishers who have intent on releasing their catch in the water. According to Central Fisheries Board of Ireland (2007),… View Article

Fishing trip

Fishing is one of the most exciting items in my hobbies list in this world that I had always wished as a young boy to have done in the company of my father. For a period of about six months I had always thought about it since it had been long without going on any… View Article

Importance of Fishing

Fishing is the activity of catching fish; it includes the use of bait and a hook. Bait is an enticement mostly in form of food that is tied to a hook and then dropped beneath the waters. When as fish sights the bait it will naturally get attracted to it thus moving towards it and… View Article

Scarborough Shoal Who has the right

The Scarborough Shoal and its surrounding area are rich in fishing grounds. In 1998 to 2001 a significant number of Chinese fishermen have been arrested for illegal methods of fishing and catching endangered protected species. In latest news, another Chinese fisherman has caught by the Philippine National Navy because of the catching endangered protected species…. View Article

Shark Finning Should Be Banned

Shark finning is a cruel act which should be banned worldwide. Sharks are the top apex predator of our planet’s oceans, and as an apex predator they control the balance of all marine life by harvesting the sick, weak and dying creatures in its environment. Picture a fishing boat out at sea. The fishermen are… View Article

Elizabeth Bishop’s poem “The Fish”

* The Theme of ‘True’ Beauty or ‘Inner’ Beauty: Neither her battered boat nor the “venerable” old fish is beautiful in conventional terms. Their beauty lies in having survived, & when the speaker realizes this, “victory filled up / the little rented boat” & she understands that “everything / was rainbow, rainbow, rainbow!” That is… View Article

The Relationship Between Santiago and the Marlin

The relationship between Santiago and Manolin is very clear in the novella. This relationship is show in the way Manolin idolizes Santiago, the equality represented between the two characters, and the way the two interchange with one another. First of all, Manolin idolizes Santiago’s ideals, despite the fact that he was now a failed fisherman… View Article

Red Snapper Fishing Regulations

Recommendation to implement different regulations on Red Snapper fishing. Many people like myself, look forward each year to the overly exciting fishing season to catch the beloved snapper. Season dates along with size and possession limits are nothing new to the fisherman; but when a council decides to shrink a fishing season that is normally… View Article

The Old Man and the Sea Essay

Ernest Hemingway brought home a Pulitzer Prize for the literary piece about a poor fisherman’s quest to gain power and individuality through a fight between a man and a marlin. While creating an analysis and interpretation of “The Old Man and the Sea,” it is important to put a focus on the main character’s internal… View Article

Mia philippines

The Philippines was first put on the map by Portuguese adventurer Magellan working for the Spanish throne on March 16, 1521. The Philippines had become a Spanish colony and was the first country to be named after a sovereign, Phillip II of Spain.1 Spanish rule had continued until 1898 when the Philippines had become an… View Article