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Fish Essay Examples

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Sharks are a group of fish characterized by a cartilaginous skeleton, five to seven gill slits on the sides of the head, andpectoral fins that are not fused to the head. Modern sharks are classified within the clade Selachimorpha (or Selachii) and are the sister group to the rays. However, the term “shark” has also…

Exegesis: Jonah

Jonah and the whale is a very popular children’s story, the classic Sunday school lesson. However, many children grow up with the idea and picture of Geppetto and Pinocchio being swallowing by the whale and sneezed out back onto shore. Though we may not want to tell our children every gruesome detail about Jonah, we…

Mia philippines

The Philippines was first put on the map by Portuguese adventurer Magellan working for the Spanish throne on March 16, 1521. The Philippines had become a Spanish colony and was the first country to be named after a sovereign, Phillip II of Spain.1 Spanish rule had continued until 1898 when the Philippines had become an…



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The Great Barrier Reef

-Outline 2 physical characteristics of the Great Barrier ReefThe Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef system. It is located on the northeast coast of Queensland next to the Pacific Ocean. The reef extends from the Torres Straight Islands to Sandy Cape near Fraser Island. Nearly 3,000 individual coral reefs and some 300…

The Future of Tuna-Farming

Overfishing of the Bluefin Tuna There are many ways to serve up tuna—raw, boiled, cooked, smoked, grilled, on a roll, in a sandwich, in a wrap, with mayonnaise, with wasabi, with soy sauce, just to name a few. Tuna can even be in your cat’s feed with all kinds of combinations the animal-feed companies can…

Influence of Amount of Phytoplankton to Gizzard Shad’s Body Weight

Oceans and rivers are man’s primary sources of food. Every time fish is served as part of a meal, one wonders what biosynthesis and pre-predator food chains make possible the growth of fishes. The implications of prey-predator food chains to the survival of big fishes become relevant when one thinks of the necessary biological settings…

A Case Study in the Gulf of Alaska

Unlike mammals, fishes reproduce by releasing eggs into the waters where they live and let them hatch outside their parents’ bodies. Thus, it is a great predicament for fish reproduction since they have to deal with external factors such as water current and predator population even before the eggs and larvae are actually born. Nonetheless,…

The image of fish

Kevin Roberts uses the image of fish in both his poems – Skating Down Trout and A Fish Too Big – to explore existential anguish in the point of view of the water creatures. In both poems, the fishes were presented as living in some kind of prison – the trout in Skating Down was…

Aqua Fish Canada Inc

May 2007 to April 2009 Update Over the past two years, AFC has faced more intense competition, particularly from aquaculturists in Chile. In addition, Chilean output has increased the supply of salmon and the Canadian dollar has strengthened in relation to the U. S. dollar. As a result, AFC has been unable to meet its…

Declining Fish Stock

The Problem: Seeing the video on Declining Fish Stock VLR, expose the challenges between fishermen and environmental concerns. This video shows how fishing fleets have depleted the oceans of almost 90% of its big fish; therefore, claiming the ocean is not as resilient as it once was. The majority of the largest fish have already…


The article “FrankenFish” is an article that expresses the pros and cons of the different impacts Genetically Engineered (GE) Salmon has on our health and environment. However, this particular article has a greater emphasis on cons rather than pros. According to the article GE Salmon has a negative effect on human health. Clearly, we see…

Fish Farming

Fish have been a protein source throughout history. Early fishing primarily involved individuals capturing fish near their communities for consumption or trade. Ships gave fishers access to ocean-based fisheries. Commercial fishing became industrialized by the late nineteenth century, as technological innovations helped locate, catch, and process fish. In addition to fish living in natural freshwater…

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