Firm Essay Examples

Firm way

The residents of Pondicherry Lodge are described as being very security-conscious , with ‘very high walls topped with broken glass’. Bartholomew does not trust anyone, and has employed a large guard to defend him. Watson and Marston seek comfort from each other, and again show their emotions. Holmes takes charge of the situation ‘in a… View Article

Smaller business

Faster aircraft has been introduced for long haul flights so customers are satisfied as their journeys have become shorter. There has also been an advance in ferries for sea travel. Ferries these days have everything you need on them. Many people are going on cruises instead of booking a holiday abroad. Having a faster ferry… View Article

P&G Five-Forces Model

In every industry, there is a model that can be used to identify the strategy, profitability, and power of particular companies. This model is called the five forces model. This gives an analysis of companies for competing and personal uses. The five forces model consists of two major parts. The first part of the model… View Article

Tech Firms Stand to Gain from Huge Writes-Offs

The problem is that a slight nuance of accounting gives firms such as Nortel Networks, JDS Uniphase or Micron Technology an exceeding artificial boost to their basic profit or possibly even to their stocks. The reason for the process of starting writing off values could be described as following. During the final stages of the… View Article

The Essentials for a Barrister

Aspiring barristers need to show evidence of powerful and agile intellect, alongside other qualities such as commercial awareness, good judgment and clear presentational skills. Barristers should have the ability to motivate themselves to do things that they would rather not. Whether it’s working late on a case at the expense of evening plans or arguing… View Article

How a Firm’s Resources Limit Its Search for Opportunities

In this essay I will describe how a firm’s resources limit its search for opportunities. I will also provide two examples of how a firm’s resources may be limited by its opportunities. Firms may be limited by strengths and weaknesses of their available resources due to lack of one or more combinations of the following… View Article

Rule of Merger & Demerger

1.These rules are called Rules of Merger & Demerger amongst the Firms registered with The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. 2.Concept of Merger & Demerger: i) The Partnership Act has not prescribed merger & demerger of partnerships. In the corporate world, merger and demerger have become universal practices for securing survival, growth, expansion and… View Article


1. Why is Elemica described as an example of an industry consortia net marketplace? How does it differ from other types of net marketplaces like ChemConnect? Elemica is a Net marketplace because it is owned by members of the industry and not third parties, also it is intended to provide long-term market place relationships to… View Article

Duane Morris Case Analyses

1. What factors have led to Duane Morris’s success? What prompted their late-1990s growth spurt? 2. How should Duane Morris plan to integrate their new acquisition? 3. What are the biggest risks faced by the firm in the next 5-10 years? Duane Morris strategy evolved over time while leveraging its history. The strategy was shaped… View Article

Difficult Transition

Q1.Identify different several concepts and characteristics from the field of organisational behaviour that this case illustrates. The Organizational Behaviour between the two firms were very different and identifiable. Tony Stark started working at O’Grady and things had been great there. The firm made sure that people who worked there, their personal goals be met and… View Article

What are strategic competitiveness

Strategic competitiveness is a type a strategy that certain firm can plan to achieve their organizational goals even though there are a lot of competitors around them. It can be achieved when a certain company or firm successfully come out with a special ideas or strategy that can allows the firm to create wealth to… View Article

Star River Electronics Ltd.

On July 5, 2001, Adeline Koh, the newly introduced CEO of Star River Electronics Ltd., was assigned to make important financial decisions that would affect the firms’ financial future. Earlier in the week, Star River’s President and former CEO abruptly resigned, admit financial allegations. On the first day of her new job, Koh, met with… View Article

Archetypes Case Study

1. Which are the archetypes does Verbeke distinguish? Draw the figures associated with these archetypes. Verbeke distguish between 4 types of archetypes and they are the following: Centralized exporter: Home country managed firm. Firm specific advantage in its final products. Standardized products manufactured at home. Only the transferable firm specific advantages are taken to the… View Article

Making Use of Resources, Capabilities and Core Competences

Resources, capabilities and core competencies are the foundation of competitive advantage. Resources are bundled to create organizational capabilities. In turn, capabilities are the source of a firm’s core competencies, which are the basis of competitive advantages. Here, we define and provide examples of these building blocks of competitive advantage. 1. Resources Broad in scope, resources… View Article

Assessing global market opportunities

Global business opportunities include: marketing products and services; establishing factories or other production facilities to produce its offerings more competently or cost-effectively; procuring raw materials or components, services of lower cost or superior quality; Entering into collaborative arrangements with foreign partners. Task 1.Organizational Readiness One of the best-known tools is CORE(Company Readiness to Export) CORE… View Article