Fireworks Essay Examples

The Amazing Truths about Fireworks

Have you ever imagined celebrating holidays such as Fourth of July and Independence Day without beautiful, dynamic colors of fireworks to watch in the sky? Does the enjoyment you feel and the essence of the holidays would be lessen if you loss the delight of watching beautifully designed sparks in the heavens? Many of you… View Article

Chinese Fireworks

The Chinese fireworks industry thrived the late 1970s, and grew to make up 90 % of the world’s fireworks export sales. However, starting from the mid-1990s, safety concerns led governments both in China and abroad to set up stricter regulations. At the same time, there was rapid growth in the number of small family-run fireworks… View Article


Philippine fireworks industry has its roots in Bulacan since 1867. From then on, the said industry slowly thrived for growth. Factories were built from all over the province later on. After the banning of fireworks-making during Martial Law, RA 7183 – an act regulating the sale, distribution and use of firecrackers and pyrotechnic devices and… View Article

Tet holiday

Tet Holiday In Vietnam, there are many festivals in a year such as Double Five festival, Mid-autumn festival, etc. Among them, the Luna New Year is the most important and popular holiday in these traditional festivals. This is a transitional period between old year and new year; is a occasion for everyone to commemorate ancestors,… View Article

My Toy

1. What are the special days celebrated in your country? There are many special days celebrated in my country. Such as Tet holiday, beginning from January the first on the Lunar Calendar National holiday, Septemper the second Independence day, April 30th 2. Which is your favourite and why? I like Tet holiday the most because… View Article