Films Essay Examples

Give examples to support your views

Develop the above points and also explain why you think science fiction films are commercial successful? Give examples to support your views. Science fiction films are commercially successful because they have a high production value. This allows Sci-Fi’s to follow the uses and gratifications theory through creating an escapist environment using cgi, props, costumes and… View Article

What is it that you like about films?

What is it that you like about films? There’s no right answer to this question of course. Many viewers have different opinions on what catches their attention- it could be the comedy in a movie or the horror that keeps them interested. The genre is what the film is related to for example: the film… View Article

French and Italian Films

The EU Directive has “put forth the greatest effort to fend off what it has termed “American cultural imperialism.. ” 14 France is the strongest implementor of this directive that it currently requires utmost 40% of films shown in in the country are of non-European origin. The country is also lobbying for other fellow member… View Article

European Films & An Analysis

Films are products of culture. It is a culture woven into a piece of art. Films are like mirrors reflecting certain cultures, and these cultures in turn, are also affected back by these films in which they relate to. In fact, film is considered as one great type of art because of its effectiveness in… View Article

Comparative Analysis of Two Films

Stereotyping can be defined as sweeping generalizations about affiliates of a certain gender, nationality, religion, race, or other group. Social stereotyping has been a worldwide issue for many years. More specifically, stereotypical assertions, based on both gender and race, have been a common theme throughout many 20th and 21st century films. Both Crash, directed by… View Article

Documentary films

Documentary films have paved way to show the reality of life. More often than not, it provides awareness of the present situation that was not addressed accurately in films and television shows alike. Documentary, like other discourses of the real, retains a vestigial responsibility to describe and interpret the world of collective experience, a responsibility… View Article

June Yip proposes post colonialism to evaluate Taiwanese films

June Yip analyzes Taiwan in the book Envisioning Taiwan as a new breed of country in the postcolonial era which has least interest in the idea of nation-state, maintaining it’s very local faces as well as open to international influences with much surprise. Yip takes a look at Taiwan’s post-national territory status through its fiction… View Article

Gender Stereotypes in Films

Erwin Goffman (1959) in “The Presentation of Self,” asserts that “when an individual plays a part he implicitly requests his observers to take seriously the impression that is fostered before him. ” That is, individuals tend to behave according to the accepted norms and behaviors of the culture or society they are a part of,… View Article

Males and Females in Peter Greenaways Films

The following paper gives an overview of the movies of Peter Greenaway along with how he portrays women and men his films. The paper would be based on the roles of men and women in his three movies, drowning by numbers, the belly of an architect and the Draughtsman’s contract. One common aspect that would… View Article

Two Russian Films

Sometimes, art represents the suppressed voice of the majority. If the dominant factor is really tyrannical, and those who oppose it would be placed in grave danger, those with a passion for change use art as a catalyst for change. These people are often called artists, yet some would say that they should be called… View Article

Films Present Psychosocial Disabilities

A number of films feature psychosocial disabilities simply because some people suffer from these illnesses in real life. Through analyzing films, one can comprehend the attitudes of society toward people with these disabilities. It can be a special emphasis on their capabilities or a barrier on their participation in the community. Since these individuals have… View Article

Films by Pasolini

Pаsоlіnі bеgаn shооtіng hіs fіrst fіlm, Аccаtоnе, іn Оctоbеr 1960. Hіs mоvе іntо fіlm wаs thе tеrmіnus аd quеm оf thе 1958-9 crіsіs іn hіs wоrk, аnd іn hіs publіc rоlе, dіscussеd іn Pаrt І. Thе аttеmpt tо crеаtе sіmulаcrа оf іnnоcеncе аnd аuthеntіcіty wіthіn lіtеrаry lаnguаgе, bеgun іn Frіulі аnd cаrrіеd оvеr іntо hіs… View Article

Reviewing Films Depicting Supremacy of Artificial Intelligence

There is without a shadow of a doubt that we are now living in a time when there is almost nothing we cannot accomplish. The outbreak of high technology all around the world is soaring, and day by day, improvements on what is already highly intelligent devices are being developed. From computers, to cellular phones,… View Article

Political films

The research paper “The Timing of Presidential Cinema” discusses and analyzes social meaning of political films. Little research is done in this filed, although many films contain political and economic meaning. Interestingly, the release of presidential cinema is associated with the controlling party and with the ideology that the party has in the White House…. View Article

Political Campaign Videos

Shifts in the campaign films “The Sky is the Limit” by George Bush and “A New Beginning” by Ronald Reagan must have been very evident to expert media critics, but were not at all noticeable for average reasonable television viewers, making the films more effective materials in campaign. Let us first take a look at… View Article