Filipino people Essay Examples

National Museum of the Philippines

Located at Padre Burgos Street, Manila City, sat the two branches of The National Museum of the Philippines—the National Gallery of Art and the Museum of the Filipino People, where we went first. As we enter the hallway that leads to the first floor exhibits, we were greeted by a native Nipa hut complete with… View Article

Sikolohiyang Pilipino

The status of efforts to indigenize psychology in the Philippines is reviewed. We address progress in four aspects of indigenization: theoretical/conceptual, methodological, topical, and institutional. Much, but not all, of this progress is the result of efforts associated with the indigenous Sikolohiyang Pilipino (Filipino psychology) movement, which emphasizes (a) the development of a Filipino psychology… View Article

Themes of Filipino Komiks Short Stories

This study is a content analysis of the various themes, sub-themes and the types of endings contained in the short stories in Filipino comic books, thereafter referred to in its vernacular form, “komiks. ” The study sampled 30 komiks from two of the top komiks publishers in the Philippines. There were 10 samples of EXTRA… View Article

What Makes Me a True Filipino?

According to Sociology, Filipino is a hodgepodge, a mixture of primitive strains ( Negrito, Ita, Aeta); eastern strains (Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese) and western strains ( Spanish, English, American). primitive strains + eastern strains + western strains = A FILIPINO Therefore, we Filipinos are unified from different races. . I may say that I’m a Filipino…. View Article

Understanding Filipino Psychology: a Thought Paper

What is Filipino Psychology? According to Enriquez, Filipino Psychology is anchored on Filipino thought and experience as understood from a Filipino perspective. As I understood through our readings, Filipino Psychology for me is the behavior, thoughts, experiences and nature of the Filipino people from their own perspective. I have discovered that methods in defining and… View Article

Filipino Psychology: on Spirituality, Homosexuality, Psychopathology

Psychopathology is said to be the deviation of an individual’s behavior as compared to the norms of the society. It is classified into two—neurosis and psychosis. In a third world country like ours, it is a fact that poor people outnumber the rich ones, that’s why most Filipinos are prone to having problems, especially economic/financial… View Article

Filipinos’ Forgiving Nature

Giving offenders a “second chance” rather than punishing them is inherently Filipino. Let’s take for example the apology offered by the Magdalo mutineers which comes as no surprise in light of the Filipinos forgiving nature. Despite the very good laws we have here in the Philippines, we don’t think settlement of it will still be… View Article

Filipino vs Phenomenal Catastrrophe

In our distant years we had been measured and defied by different tribulations in our life. But what could be more to catastrophic phenomenal like typhoon, flash floods and the alarming tsunami alert that devastated the livelihood and lives of many people in our country. In just a year we become exposed to numerous calamities… View Article

Revolutionizing Filipino Mindsets

National consciousness among Filipinos is faced with a lot of challenges today. There is a need to revolutionize mindsets and one big factor that has a big impact in the process of revolutionary mindsets is the Media. It is unfortunate that a lot of what the media shows to the public represses transformation. A lot… View Article

Identity: Filipino Psychology

?Introduction Identity, what is Identity? It answers the question ‘who am I? ’ it might appear to be about personality; the sort of person I am. That is only part of the story. Identity is different from personality in important respects. We may share personality traits with other people, but sharing an identity suggests some… View Article

Roots of Filipino Character

1. Pakikisama – Is yielding to the will of the majority just so to get along with everybody and avoid signs of conflict. 2. Bahala na Attitude – Leaving matters/ things as they are because nature will take it course. 3. Bayanihan or Team Spirit – This is the Filipino value of camaraderie or helping… View Article

Image of Filipino Women

The majority of the selections we’ve read have women as their lead character. If not, they play a significant role with the male lead character. The authors of the selections used Filipino women in different ways but they have evidently conveyed different images of Filipino women. Some showed how strong and weak a woman can… View Article

The Indolence of the Filipino

The word indolence has been greatly misused in the sense of little love for work and lack of energy…In the Philippines one’s and another’s faults, the shortcomings of one, the misdeeds of another, are attributed to indolence. And just as in the Middle Ages he who sought the explanation of phenomena outside of infernal influences… View Article

Philippine culture

Academic Scientific Psychology or Akademiko-siyentipikal na Sikolohiya: Western Tradition: This follows the tradition of Wilhelm Wundt in 1876 and is essentially the American-oriented Western psychology being studied in the Philippines. Academic Philosophic Psychology or Akademiko-pilosopiya na Sikolohiya: Western Tradition: This was started by priest-professors at the University of Santo Tomas. This tradition is mainly focused… View Article

Filipino People and Family Planning

The alarming increase of population in the country has caused many individuals to seek help in Family Planning. Discussing family planning is not just giving out condoms, pills and more but also on caring for our reproductive health (RH). One organization that has been serving its clients especially women is the Family Planning Organization of… View Article