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Fiction Essay Examples

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“One”- Creative Writing

“Medic!” the cry rang out through the hot street. Another gunshot, and men scrambled for cover like scared rabbits. The man still lay bleeding in the middle of the road. The war had started today, and he was already dying. He made an attempt to crawl for safety. Too late, he looked pleadingly to his…

This Year’s Underwater Madness

The film chosen is called ‘Shark Tale’ a story bout the little fish with a big dream. Actors Courtesy of DreamWorks This animated film created by ‘Dream Works’ has chosen only the very best for such a film, featuring: * Will smith as the voice of Oscar in the film. * The award winning Robert…

Steinbeck’s portrayal of Women

” You gotta husban’, you got no call foolin’ aroun’ with other guys, causin’ trouble” (85). Crooks (while in the stablehand’s room), tells Curley’s wife to leave them alone, as he wants no trouble. In George Steinbeck’s Of Mice of Men, women are depicted negatively in today’s terms but correct for the times. This negative…



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English essay on Of Mice and Men

Steinbeck uses an example of symbolism in the form of Candy’s dog. Re-read pages 70-76, what qualities/ values does this dog represent? Which human characteristics could be represented by these qualities/ values? Candy is the oldest man on the ranch. As he is the oldest, he has more things to worry about than the others….

Crooks and Curley’s wife experience loneliness and isolation

In this essay I intend to write about why Crooks and Curley’s wife experience loneliness and isolation and in what way they try to deal with these difficulties. Crooks is a nergro stable buck with a crooked spine. His eyes are described as the most noticeable feature on his face, brimming with knowledge of the…

‘Success’ and the American Dream in Death of a Salesman?

What do you think Arthur Miller is trying to say about ‘success’ and the American Dream in Death of a Salesman? Is he using the story of Willy Loman to put across a message? Death of a salesman was published in 1949, a few years after the end of World War two. It focuses on…

Of Mice and Menn – this novel is all about The American Dream

The Novel ‘Of Mice and Men’ was written in 1937 by John Steinbeck. It is the most touching tale about the relationship of two men, George and Lennie who are faced with difficult situations at times which are Steinbeck’s aspects of his life seeing as there are the main characters of the novel. On the…

Explore the similarities and differences between the three examples of speech

Explore the similarities and differences between the three examples of speech, including a consideration of the different contexts in which the texts were produced and how the speakers convey attitudes and values. Text A was both published and delivered by David Lloyd George as a speech in 1914. ‘The great pinnacle of sacrifice’ is a…

Discuss the ways in which Steinbeck explores the concept of the ‘American Dream’ is central to the novel

The American Dream was a dream that nearly everyone had throughout the twentieth century. It was hope for a better life and people believed strongly that it would come true. The main characters in ‘Of Mice & Men’ have a dream which was to get a plot of land and live on it and become…

How does the novel Of Mice And Men reflect life in the 1930s

Question-‘How does the novel Of Mice And Men reflect life in the 1930s’ John Steinbeck was born in 1902 in Salinas, California. His mother was a teacher and the reason why he learned to love books and his father was a county treasurer. He attended his local school and in the holidays worked on farms…

The story “0f Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck

The story “0f Mice and Men” was written by John Steinbeck and set in America in the late 1920’s early 1930’s, in California near Soledad. The story is based around migrant workers in California usually male with no roots a very solitary existence. Migrant workers life was hard. It was gruelling, challenging, and often unrewarding….

The three scenes in ‘The Magnificent Ambersons’

With detailed reference to the three scenes in ‘The Magnificent Ambersons’, explain how the narrative is portrayed via the various technical codes We watched three scenes from The Magnificent Ambersons, directed by Orson Welles. The first of the three scenes was The Snow Scene, in which several members of the family, including Lucy and George…

Of Mice and Men – Character study of Slim

Of Mice and Men is set in California during the 1930s. This is an important time in US history because it was the time of the Great Depression, which did not end until the start of the Second World War. During this period of failed businesses, harsh poverty and long-term unemployment, many migrant workers came…

Of Mice And Men

Of Mice and Men was written by John Steinbeck about two unusual friends called Lennie and George and is based during the Great Depression. The story is about two friends who stuck together, while many other people were isolated, through the lack of jobs and money. Because of the Great Depression the American society changed…

‘Of mice and men’ – A comparison of the opening scenes of the film and the beginning of the book

A comparison of the opening scenes of the film and the beginning of the book ‘Of mice and men’ is set in southern California at the time of the great depression (late 1920 and early 30’s), the basis of the story is about 2 men George and Lenny, who are two workers who travel from…

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