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Fiction Essay Examples

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William Golding’s ” Lord of the flies”, and Stevenson’s “Jekyll and Hyde”

Both William Golding’s ” Lord of the flies”, and Stevenson’s “Jekyll and Hyde” focus on the duality of man’s evil and the reasons for that sudden change in character. Golding is rather more interested in group evil, and the way that this develops in people, whereas Stevenson focuses on singular evil and the powers that…

The important moment in the novel “Lord of the flies”

Lord of the flies focuses mainly on the corruption and inherent evil of humanity. Ralph, Jack and Simon are, in some ways, stereotypes of different aspects of human nature. Ralph is the obvious candidate for ‘chief’ of the island, as he is of just nature and a commanding presence. We are also told that ‘there…

What particular aspects of human nature are explored in Lord of the Flies?

What particular aspects of human nature are explored in Lord of the Flies; and how have the author’s techniques and choice of content deepened your understanding of the matter? In this essay, I will review the information I have gathered from the novel ‘Lord of the Flies’ by William Golding. The main aspects of human…



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Comparing two openings of Lord of the flies and Great expectations

It is important that the opening of a book should be able to entice the reader to carry on and pursue the reader to finish the book through and an exciting or a mysterious opening that will encourage the reader to find out what would happen next. I find that Charles Dickens’ opening for “Great…

Lord of the Flies Character Monolgues

Jack’s monologue Oh god, what have I done? Simon, Piggy, it’s entirely my fault. I can’t express what I feel, the pain, it’s overmastering and mind numbing. Ralph if only you could understand the grief that I am going through, in-fact maybe you do? Maybe you’re hurting far more than me. Their deaths will get…

A substitute for royalty

As I reluctantly strode towards my final year of school I pictured the scenes that would await me. Without Jack, my best friend since infant school I felt depressed and gloated in my state of solitude. Jack had left to be an author, although he did not seem either a novelist or an intellectual. I…

Why Can’t the Boys Work Together Constructively On The Island?

As we go further on in ‘Lord of the Flies,’ it seems like the boys are moving further and further apart from each other. Arguments seem to break out a lot more often and the work is simply not getting done on the island. So why can’t the boys just work together? The conflict between…

Lord of the Flies Play

Lord of the Flies is a play about a group of evacuees who have had a plane crash. All the adults are dead and the group of boys are now left to survive by themselves on a desert island, that at first seems like paradise. They become split into two different groups. One group has…

Lord of the Flies Homework

Piggy is clearly a clever boy, but he is a victim too? How does the writer use him in the novel? Lord of the Flies is about a group of schoolboys stranded on an island. The boys have to fend for themselves and try to get rescued. One of the main characters in the book…

Why is the Opening Chapter in Lord of the Flies so Effective?

I believe that the first chapter of the novel is effective because we are informed about the main characters and we get an idea of their situation. From the characters’ brief descriptions, we can almost instantly tell what sort of roll they are going to take on in the rest of the book. Like in…

Leadership Qualities In the novel Lord Of The Files

In the novel lord of the files both Ralph and Piggy demonstrate qualities of a leader and others that would make you think otherwise. In this essay I will evaluate how each character has leadership qualities and how they are shown in the book. Firstly Ralph demonstrates leadership qualities by taking the lead on the…

Lord Of The Flies Alternative Ending

Ralph was the first to spot Simon. He saw him stumbling down the mountain like a pathetic new born calf. His eyes were wide but heavy and tired at the same time. The camp stopped at a sudden and they watched Simon get closer and closer. Simon opened his mouth and began to talk. The…

My Memoirs

I am Jack Merridrew, when I was younger I went to a cathedral school where I was head boy and chapter chorister. My choir and I were being evacuated from England because of the cold war. None of us knew where we were going, but wherever it was it would be safe. I thought it…

The Lord Of The Flies Chapter 5 Review

In chapter 5 Ralph says, “Things are breaking up.” (Page 102). Having read the whole novel, comment on whether you think that things will continue to break up on the island. Explain your answer in detail, using quotes where appropriate. The plane crash that starts Golding’s novel is hardly a good omen, and things continue…

To what extent do you feel that Piggy represent the qualities of sense and order in the island?

Piggy, in Lord Of The Flies, is one of the characters who is sensitive enough to feel the changes of the community as it moves towards the danger of being savage. Therefore he is one of the few who is able to sustain the community, preventing it from the approach of disorder, which can easily…

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