Fiction Essay Examples

Lord of the Flies – Hook or Brook?

In my point of view one of the best novels you can study for GCSE English is ‘Lord of The Flies’ by William Golding. But I’m not just talking about the book I’m going to talk about the films, Peter Brook’s 1963 black and white film and Harry Hook’s American style film made in 1994… View Article

Cold Mountain Odell story

What do you find interesting about the way in which Frazier presents Inman and Veasey’s encounter with Junior? Frazier presents Inman and Veasey, who encountered Junior, is an interesting one because we at first see Junior as a man who is loyal and caring, however at further dissection we see him as a cruel, manipulative… View Article

Great Expectations

How does Charles Dickens introduce his characters, setting and themes at the beginning of his novel, Great Expectations? The world that Charles Dickens creates at the beginning of his novel Great Expectations is one of isolation, loneliness and sorrow. This is because he portrays the world in this novel through Pip, whose childhood is spent… View Article

The red room and the signalman

How do the authors maintain suspense and tension in The Red Room and The Signalman which story do you consider does this most effectively? In The Red Room by H.G Wells, written in 1885 and The Signalman by Charles Dickens, written in 1894 are both excellent examples of stories concerning the supernatural. Ghost stories and… View Article

Gulliver’s Travels Essay

In this essay, on a pre-1914 novel, I will show how the main character changes emotionally, physically and mentally and also show how the novel was adapted into a film. I have chosen to study the classic Jonathan Swift novel, Gulliver’s Travels which was written in 1726. It is about a ship surgeon who goes… View Article

The Great Gatsby: Characters

Poor, wealthy, pretty, ugly, innocent, guilty, dishonest, and truthful: No matter what it entails, every novelistic character has specific labels and qualities that the author characterizes them with for explicit purposes. The era of the 1920’s possessed various yet specific types of people. The roaring 20’s consisted of a lower dress line, illegal swapping of… View Article

Hill presents Edmund Hooper as a violent imposing figure, who shows no sympathy

Hill presents the character Edmund Hooper as a unsympathetic character. Hill’s uses the technique of ‘unmitigated language’ to present Edmund as unsympathetic character; “You were only tenants then”, Edmund makes no effort to make his sentence any politer. The word “only” is chosen by Hill to try and ‘degrade’ Kingshaw’s ‘ status and to portray… View Article

The extract from Mayhew’s ‘Paved with Gold’

Refer the extract by Mayhew, taken from his novel paved with gold, published in 1855. A student having read the text said: “The writer brings the different characters to life for the reader. It is as if you are standing on the street with them” To what extent do you agree? Mayhew uses the oxymoron… View Article

How does Paver make this extract (p.148-149) frightening?

Paver uses many techniques to make this extract frightening. It is when Jack had just got lost but manages to find his way back to his cabin. He has already encountered a ghost and read about local folklore about the ghost and has another experience with the ghost. Paver uses techniques such as punctuation for… View Article

To Sir With Love by E.R Braithwaite – Exploring Themes – Racism

Q: Explore the theme of racism in the novel. A: To Sir With Love, is a testimony, written by E.R Braithwaite. A book which centers on a teacher, who takes his occupation as a “sheer reality”, depicts his struggles on developing a relationship with his rude, disobedient and hostile students. In fact, it is necessarily… View Article

The Book Thief Review

In,The Book Thief,we learn about the different types of human nature, from the kindness to the cruelty. Death is the narrator and struggles to come to terms with the difference between the evil plans of the Nazi government and the goodwill and courage of a few German people. His curiosity leads him to uncovering Liesel’s… View Article