Fiction novel Essay Examples

Gothic novel

‘Frankenstein’, Mary Shelley’s gothic novel, was written not only to satisfy her immediate desire to impress Percy Shelley and Lord Byron- but also to issue a warning to the Victorian world about the dangers of playing God. In the company of such Romantics (and self-supposed superiors), she was determined to prove herself. She drew on… View Article

Castle of Otranto

The monster, who is supposedly the villain of the novel, is portrayed as a victim, his viewpoint is placed in the centre of the novel’s circular narrative structure making it seem more significant. The theme of nature versus nurture is used as the monster learns about his surroundings and discovers that society see him as… View Article

Charles Dickens most famous Bildungsroman novel

How Does Dickens’ Presentation of Pip as a young boy contrast to Pip as an Adult? Great Expectations is one of Charles Dickens most famous Bildungsroman novel. This story is serialised in journals from 1860 – 1861. It was published chapter at a time therefore would leave every chapter at a cliff-hanger. Due to this novel being… View Article

John and Elizabeth Proctor

One aspect of John and Elizabeth’s relationship is that because of the tension and awkwardness in their relationship, they might not be as easy around each other and not know each other as well as a couple who had been together for three years and have had three children. For instance when John says ‘I… View Article

Narrative style of the novel

Comment on how the language contributes to the understanding of the character, plots, theme and narrative style of the novel Chapter 6 is presented to the audience entirely in the past with no hindsight. Once again it develops the plot showing the children developing closer to adulthood, yet still not quite there, not understanding the… View Article

Fiction novel by Jerry Spinelli

Milkweed is a historical fiction novel by Jerry Spinelli. It is centered around Misha who grows up in Warsaw, Poland as the Holocaust is in full fledge. Misha struggles in his young life, as an orphaned Jew who steals and struggles to survive. Throughout the book Misha exemplifies persistence and perseverance in never giving up… View Article