Fermentation Essay Examples

Wine – Yeast

I. Introduction Wines have been one of the favorite beverages in the world. Many Europeans nowadays prefer wine to water as a daily beverage like their ancestors many centuries ago, despite of its bad effects in the health when consumed excessively. Different varieties of the grapes and strains of yeast produce different type of wine…. View Article

Yeast Fermentation

A respirometer is a device that been used to measure the rate of respiration of a living organism. This can be measured by calculating the rate of exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. A simple respirometer designed to measure oxygen uptake or CO2 release consists of a sealed container with the living specimen together with… View Article

Effect of pH on the Rate of Fermentation in Yeast

The experiment conducted regarding the effect of pH upon the rate of fermentation in yeasts was composed of two main parts or set of procedures. The first part of the experiment was focused upon the analysis of changes or shifts in pH induced by yeast samples that are placed in varying levels of pH. From… View Article

Freemark Abbey Case

As a storm approaches, Mr. Jaeger must evaluate the risk of harvesting his Riesling grapes immediately or holding off and taking the chance the grapes become thin or produce no mold and sell at a lower price. Mr. Jaeger must evaluate the risk and the expected revenues related to his different options. The recommendation is… View Article

PESTLE Analysis on Wine Industry

PESTLE analysis on wine industry Constellation Brands, E&J Gallo Winery, and Wine Group are amongst the three top producers of Wine in the United States. The success of the three organization have been acquired from the recent acquisitions, as well as, their capability of changing with the consumers needs the three major issues which the… View Article

Freemark Case

Harvesting Riesling grapes immediately , or leave them on the vines despite the approaching storm the place of the vineyard. – Light rain and storms are detrimental to the crop of grapes, as these cause or may develop Botrytis cinerea , a fungus that causes damage in the skins of grapes . – The Freemark… View Article