Feminist Essay Examples

The Wife of Bath: Is She a real Feminist Icon?

The final ‘moral’ of the tale is rather amusing, but unsettling still. The Wife, who supposedly supports women rights, speaks for the Hag when she gives the Knight two choices: she can remain old and ugly, but be an otherwise model wife, or she can be young and beautiful, but he must take his chances… View Article

Wiccan traditional covens

Wiccan traditional covens are formed thru male-female pairs thus making an obstacle for single members. The traditional practice do not however make any moral judgments about homosexuality according to Sanders (1987). The traditional covens criticize male-male or female-female pairings that is often seen as dangerous, in producing a mutually productive balance and is viewed as… View Article

Criticizing feminist criticism

When feminists speak about feminism, they mostly see the opposition between the feminine and the masculine- the yin and the yang. We also discussed the binary opposition in class, which heightened my knowledge of how women are reduced to the lower spectrum of the opposition. The binary opposition also exists in differentiating mothers from fathers…. View Article

Feminist Reading

Latina women have been dealing with the ideals of machismo for centuries. In today’s society women have begun to make great strides in developing a position in the sun where their ideas and opinions are deemed worthy of examination. Many women have been striving to show their wisdom and insights. This paper will be discussing… View Article

The Feminist Movement Development

Different sources offer different information regarding exactly when the feminist movement started. Some references state that the feminism thought dates back to the sixth century BC. The New Internationalist (1992) states: There have always been independent feminists. In sixth century BC Greece, Sappho wrote lesbian poetry and ran a girls’ school. The fifteenth century French… View Article

Feminist Therapy and Post-modern Approaches

Feminist therapy (FT) arose in the 1960s as a result of women’s increasing awareness that discrimination resides in the way traditional psychology views female mental health. It was an attempt to enhance women’s autonomy and it was based on the integration of psychology and feminist theory. According to this theory, women form their identity through… View Article

Feminist critical point of view in `Mintey Alley`

CRL James’ Minty Alley and Herbert G. Delisser’s Janes’ Career both illustrates the realities that women are confronting in the society. In his novel, CRL James demonstrated this women condition not only by the women characters in the novel but also by the male character who exhibited the macho image which relegating women as sexual… View Article

Feminist Perspective

Laura Mulvey is known for her feminist criticisms of films and movies and Alfred Hitchcock is known for making films that have paved the way to feminist film theory. Among these films that Hitchcock directed that called the attention of feminist theorists would be Rear Window and Vertigo which will be further discussed. In Mulvey’s… View Article

The Nature of Prostitution

Many societal problems experienced today such as law violations and crimes are highly associated with poverty and lack access to jobs. Data beginning from 2000 shows 73 percent of all women in poverty was women in color or in minority. Especially in the case of Back women, majority of arrests are done in areas where… View Article